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The home of the Shadowbolts Adventures and various other stories, mostly related to Equestria Girls.


I'll be there for you, because you're there for me too. · 7:22am December 6th

So, it's been a while. Where have I been? If you want to know the kind of awkward and embarrassing truth, I've been binge-watching the Hell out of the entire series of "Friends". That's right, all 236 episodes in the span of two months or so. I've done basically nothing but eat, work, and watch Friends. It's shocking how easy it was too. Normally when I try to watch a show I'll have to take it in chunks, and I'm a bit exhausted by the end (and that's after ONE season) but somehow the flow of

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If you come back online and see this, I left a comment on your Friendship and Fantasies story.


Wunderbar! Thank you! And I do know that feeling... I should be working... but... horse words...


1: No, the original "Equestria Girls" series is not part of the Shadowbolts Adventures.

2: Yes, the Sirens Adventures and Wondercolts Adventures are part of the Shadowbolts Adventures continuity.

3: Yes, any story that isn't marked as part of a series is its own thing.

Thank you for enjoying the stories! I am trying to get back on the wagon as far as writing, but then Zelda happened...

Hello! I'm new to your series, and am looking for a bit of info... Fortuity, I have read through the comments and know the reading order (saved you from getting asked that one again). What I wish to know deals more with continuity than chronology.

- Is your Equestria Girls series part of the Shadowbolts/Sirens Adventures continuity?
- Is the Wondercolts Adventures?
- Is it safe to assume that if the story is not marked it is within its own continuity?
- Should Shadowbolts and Sirens be read as one series?

I basically want to know what goes into which universe in regards to everything you have written for this site. This could be easily answered, or be unbearably complex.

2366942 I'm a rather slow writer, to be honest. I've got lots of ideas that I think people would like to see become fully written stories, but it's very tough for me to set aside enough time to work on more than one story at a time (and I'm soon going to start writing the next story in an ongoing series of mine). Not to mention, I often see myself as being good with ideas, but often struggling to turn them into good stories. So I figured that if I can't make any progress on some of my ideas, I'd rather just offer them to someone else and see if they would like it enough to give it a try themselves. (At least I'm realistic enough to accept if someone chooses not to write one of my ideas.) If you're still interested, I'll send you a PM with some of my suggestions, once I can find enough time to do so.

  • Viewing 76 - 80 of 80
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