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The results of my Pokemon SoulSilver Nuzlocke · 6:28pm Nov 26th, 2019

Yes, this attempt was inspired by JaidenAnimation's badass Nuzlocke video.


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Well I mean, it wasn't a bad thing that you offered.
I just asked if I was allowed to bring someone to your attention that needed an editor, someone who wasn't me.


Don't worry about it, I'm sorry to waste your time.

Um, I missed the reply you sent me...

hey just wanted to say thanks for making awesome story..i cant wirte on here for a odd reason so I did my own on deviarnt and used your story just with shadow the hedgehog in equestrian girl like body and also am not trying to steal it or anything I just love your stuff and wanted to wirte my own so cheek me out on deviarnt at superdeath22445 and if you got a deviarnt account tell me how It was thanks again and If anyone else reads this the same gose to you :)

I really loved your Shadowbolts stuff. Would love to read more if you ever came back to it.

  • Viewing 85 - 89 of 89
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