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Maud Pie has found peace in Ponyville... at least, a peace in the world outside. But in her own mind, that peace is a brittle palace of glass that could crack at any time.

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It would be interesting to see how those followup conversations go, but maybe some things are best left to the imagination.

Good to have you back. (I’m reading through another somewhat soap operatic EQG series so I had been thinking about you anyway.:rainbowlaugh:)


somepony like me, somepony so quiet, inconsequential, and clueless, matter

Nopony would ever call Maud clueless or inconsequential, and quiet is a huge plus for many.

I think Starlight might well be a good pony to start the 'I think everyone will leave me' conversation. She's been there.

Indeed. Well, Starlight went even further than that (maybe because Luna was away?)

So this is a Maud totally unlike the Maud in the show. In the show, Maud is basically a zen adherent, untouched by extremes and calmly sure of herself and her direction.


On the outside. What someone says and does, and how they feel, are entirely different things.

8985322 In other words, you're inserting traits which don't appear in the show and are directly contradictory to what we are shown.

Big Mac would be a better fit, because now we HAVE seen that he breaks down easily when confronted with emotional tribulation.

In fact, most of the Mane 6 have clearly demonstrated that they have internal issues. You've managed to project upon the sole character in the show who demonstrates a complete lack of such issues and rather projects the most internal strength and emotional stability.


Maud once asked her sister to help her find a friend (something she wanted to do more than studying rocks and was so unsure of that she needed Pinkie to tell her how to start) and then ran away from Ponyville in the dead of night to seek a place where she wouldn't have to deal with people anymore when it started going downhill.

Yeah, my interpretation of Maud as being internally scared of other people sure comes out of nowhere.

8985365 Ah, that episode. I'd already noted the writers there hadn't paid much attention to Maud's previous appearances in the few comments I even bothered making about it. It simply speaks to the show becoming as inconsistent as fanfics in its interpretations of its own material.

It wants to make points often at the expense of its own continuity and characterization. A sign of poor writing.

I can point to the abysmal character assassination of Luke Skywalker in "The Last Jedi" for another very transparent example of this.


Except that is consistent for Maud. Even in her original episode she spent time with the Mane 6 for a while for Pinkie's sake, then in the end her solution was to just wash her hooves of them altogether. She was willing to walk away from her sister in order to avoid spending any more time with the Mane 6 (It's just Pinkie being Pinkie decided to follow her). Socially, Maud has always been insecure and unsure of herself and what she was doing. This idea that she's some kind of perfect island of self-confidence in all things has no basis in anything we've seen from her.

Just because she doesn't outwardly freak out doesn't mean she has no insecurities.

8985383 Or you could simply interpret her first episode the obvious way in that she permitted Pinkie to try because it's something Pinkie truly wanted, and when it was clearly not working out Maud simply decided to leave before things became more awkward and uncomfortable, risking Pinkie's relationship with her friends. Maud didn't need the multiple connections. Pinkie did.


I could. I don't have to, because both are equally plausible. And the show has clearly chosen one. You're free to not like it and believe that Maud has no weaknesses or insecurities, just don't try to accuse others of being OOC when they portray her as having weaknesses and insecurities, especially after the show has verified said insecurities.

8985418 Uhm, Maud herself had given that explanation. Remember, she only left after Pinkie put herself in great danger with her Friendship Obstacle Course. Maud was trying to protect Pinkie from Pinkie's own insecurities, which as we've seen often lead her to go do dangerous extremes.

Pinkie is the one who has REPEATEDLY demonstrated internal doubt and borderline psychosis. She cannot stand ponies laughing AT her. She had a mental breakdown at the idea her friends wanted to leave her.

That latest episode didn't even acknowledge the events or consequences of what had already been shown.

Well that wasn't as jovial as I thought it would be :rainbowderp:

A lovely story.

Nice to see interaction between Maud and Princess Luna. Never seen that before in any fic I read so far.

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