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This story is a sequel to Shadowbolts Adventures: Standing Up

Ever since Twilight Sparkle transferred to CHS, her personal laboratory within Crystal Prep has stood empty. She finally decides to pass it on to Sugarcoat, but when she realizes that the isolation improves her test scores, Sugarcoat may be tempted to throw away her new friendships to take over Twilight's vacant position as the smartest student in Crystal Prep Academy.

One again thank you to Bootsy Slickmane for pre-reading and cover art.

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Weeb-Fluttershy approves, and so do I. Keep up the good work!

Excellent! Balessima! Great story!

Love the story, so relatable:pinkiehappy: Plus everyone needs their cupcakes:pinkiecrazy:

Beware of the dork side. Lameness, loneliness, OCD; the dork side of the Force are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a study session. If once you start down the dork path, forever will it dominate your social life; consume you it will :trollestia:

You've completely nailed Sugarcoat & Sour Sweet's speaking patterns (Not that they're not very identifiable), but being able to hear their voices enhanced this little fic.

Ohhh, Level 100 Sugarcoat.

Fancy Pants is a teacher at Crystal Prep.

Fleur De Lis is a student at Crystal Prep.



Once again, a very superbly-crafted EQG story, :raritywink:

Oh man, Twilight Sparkle's grades must be taking a nose-dive over at CHS! (Well, nose dive from A+s to A-s, I guess).

The dork side has no cupcakes?

Thats because Pinkie is at CHS.

As are Muffins.

Theres still Cookie Cutter though.

Sister of Box Cutter.

But we dont talk about him. :pinkiecrazy:

Heartwarming, thoughtful, funny, and relatable, all at the same time. Great work!

It is really nice to see them all so caring for each-other; Sour Sweet and Sugercoat's relationship in particular was wonderfully dynamic (and hilarious!). And Sugercoat, man, I totally get that. While never as hard-core as the Crystal Prep-ians, Sugercoat's emotional conflict is something I can relate to. As a matter of fact, I actually am currently struggling with a rather similar problem (though not in academia, but in the arts).

The comparison of Sugercoat and Twilight was also great. I especially love the parallel drawn not just between the environment and grade pattern, but the social isolation aspect as well. Yes, Twilight was brilliant, but it cost her much more than she was willing to pay, as so perfectly summarized by Sour: "Even Twilight Sparkle doesn't want to be the old Twilight Sparkle."

Again, wonderful job!

(I'm friendshipping those two so hard now.)

Fine, stay in your little lab. But next time come join us okay? We miss your brain and we miss you too.

Melodrama isn't helping your grades any.

Neither are you.



This whole conversation here is gold; hilarious and heartwarming in equal measure.

Twilight Sparkle's name glittered on every golden plaque and trophy, and probably would for years to come. She stopped to look over the trophies, peering at each one in turn. It would take someone truly exceptional to take those records from her...

Silently Sugarcoat turned away from the trophy case to make her way to her next class.

Hoo boy, this can only end well...

"Awwwww, did I hurt your feelings?" Sour Sweet cupped her hands together in front of her sympathetically. "Does the truth hurt your little heart? Well you know what the bigger truth is, Sugarcoat? If you don't come out of this closet you keep locking yourself in soon, you're going to be alone when you do come out!" Sour Sweet whirled away suddenly, marching to the door and slamming it behind her with a thunderous crash.

The truth hurts.

Wow, that was fantastic. These just keep getting better and better; I can't wait to read the next one!

"When I first got here I couldn't stand spending my time out in the hallways and the library."

Twilight Sparkle. Couldn't stand. Spending time. In. The. Library. :twilightoops:

6562546 Probably a lot of others in there studying. I could see her sneaking in, checking out half of a shelf, and dragging them back into her book cave of a lab.

6572159 in seconds. One of her classmates would be reachin for a book, blink, and suddenly the shelf is gone.

Seeing the title I can't resist:

Enter at your own peril,
Past the bolted doors,
Where impossible things happen,
That the world has never seen before!
In Sugarcoat's Laboratory!
Lives the smartest girl you've ever seen!
But Lemon Zest blows her experiments to smithereens!
That is the doom and gloom while things go boom!
In Sugarcoat's lab!


Believe me I wanted to call it "Sugar's Laboratory" at first because it sounded more like Dexter's, but I didn't know how many people would get it VS how many would just think it was weird.

6615216 I think it's because most 90's kids would actually get the reference.

Another great story and look at the lives, minds, and personalities of the Shadowbolts.

Sugarcoat wanting to be the next Twilight Sparkle and succumbing to obsession-compulsion is so true-to-life and easy to identify with. It's good that she's found something that works for her, but she needs to approach it in moderation.

Still wondering how students get into the school building at night. And apparently Sugar spends whole days there without either the staff or her family being worried or upset with her? Yeah, I know...I'm nitpicking. It's still an excellent story.

Another nice little story. The message was indeed a good one and you handled the issue rather expertly. I"m glad I finally found the time to read this one. :twilightsmile:

Am I the only one that noticed on the cover art it does a Patrick star reference

Another great Shadowbolts story. I'm REALLY loving these.

This was cute, and great data for Shadowbolt characterization! :pinkiehappy:
...Except for Sunny, whom I notice had few lines and little discernible personality. Not that I blame you, the movie did the same thing. :s


Yeah, it took me some time to peg down who I wanted Sunny to be. She comes into her own later in the series, though.

Actually looking at the cover art for this thing, I saw in the background it said "mayonnaise is not an instrument" :rainbowlaugh:

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She hefted her massive science book up into the desk and flipped it open to page 237

Why not page 394? :applecry:

I would watch this episode.

I would watch all of your episodes.

Dork side has no cupcakes. Dork side has cookies, though.

As a nerd, I can relate to this, I like it!! :3

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