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This story is a sequel to Shadowbolts Adventures: Sugarcoated

Sunny Flare gets a response on her dating profile from a boy she's actually interested in dating for once, and Twilight gets her very first hit on her profile. They decide to make it a double-date, and hopes aren't all that high, but Sunny Flare may just find someone who can understand her burdens and be there for her like nobody else.

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This is about the last thing I expected from this, but I can't say I disapprove. Bravo :scootangel:

So very sweet. (Though isn't Shiny a little old for Sunny?)


4 years isn't much of a difference at all, as long as both are legal.

Isn't Shining Armor already married to Cadence... Run while you can Sunny


Not in Equestria Girls.

Well I guess Twilight won't be dating any OC's any time soon then,

Saw that Shining was going to end up beating up Twilight's date as soon as it started although I did expect the date to be a bit less of a creep, oh well I suppose it's better that he deserved it.

Nice talk between Shining and Sunny and the possibility of more romance in future although it might be a bit difficult for Twilight if they break up. I also wonder is there was ever anything between Shining and Cadence in your universe, I'd guess she's be rather old for him to have her position she'd presumably be at least a decade older than him.

I'd actually like to see if Sugarcoat got any replies to her dating profile.


4 years isn't much of a difference at all, as long as both are legal.

Oh. I was assuming that as a high school girl she was a few years away from eighteen yet.


It's been stated that she and the rest of the Shadowbolts are 18 in several episodes, and most high school seniors will graduate at 18.

Hello Shining Armor. This is Sunny Flare. I just got your message and I'm interested in meeting you. Are you free tonight?

It took a few minutes before the response came. I certainly am. How about six PM tonight at the Roseluck Diner?

A little presumptuous, Sunny thought to herself, but at least he was confident, and had a plan.

So exactly how is that presumptuous? SHE contacted HIM. SHE asked HIM if he was free. Suggesting a time and place to meet that are both reasonable and neutral isn't presumption in any way, shape, or form when SHE asked HIM out, unless you consider his suggesting the time and place when he was the one asked out as presumptuous. Which it doesn't really come across as.

Twilight's voice was wild and frantic. "Oh my gosh, Sunny, Sunny, I got a response on Hearts Together! What do I do!?"

Sunny smiled to herself in bemusement.

Not...really the word you were looking for. You want amusement there. It's a common, but annoying, mistake.

"Okay, I watched his video."


"And... I don't know. He looks like a boy. He says he likes girls, I'm... not sure how to take that."


Okay, Twi? If you're that confused about how dating works, then you are in trouble. :facehoof:

"How about this? I have a date tonight myself. Tell this guy to meet you at six PM tonight at the Roseluck Diner. We can make it a double-date, and if your date ends up being not right for you, we can just leave."

I can smell the delicious awkwardness that's about to unfold. It smells like yeast. :moustache:

snug sleeveless and backless blouse

That's a bit...showy for a first date with someone she doesn't know. I can't really see a girl wearing a backless ANYTHING on a virtual blind date.



Sunny looked back and forth between the two of them in the increasingly awkward silence. "Um, do you two know each other?"

Twilight whirled on Sunny, pulling her close and turning away from the boys, speaking in a sharp hiss. "Sunny, that's my big brother! I can't do date stuff with my brother watching!"

And neither can he, so it balances out! :moustache:

"H-hello, OC, it's nice to meet you."

"Yeah, nice to meet you too, Twilight." OC took her hand in a looser grip.

"OC?" Sunny asked curiously.

OC gave her a wry smirk. "It's short for Ox Claw. Yeah, I know, animals weren't my parents' strong suit."

That's...painful. Like...really painful. I hope you'll go back and fix everything about this guy's name because UGH. :pinkiesick:

Sunny and Twilight each sat on the outside of the booth with their respective date beside them.

You sure about that seating arrangement? Date protocol is to sit across from your date.

"I have another three months to go." Shining Armor's reply was terse. He seemed distracted by glaring across the table at OC.

If this is why you wanted the seating arrangement the way it is, there are better ways to handle this that make more sense.

"Here we are!" The waitress interrupted her train of thought as she swept up with a platter in one hand. "Two specialty burgers-" she set two plates in front of the guys, "a salad-" she set a plate in front of Twilight Sparkle, "and a fish fillet." She set the last plate in front of Sunny Flare, and a drink beside each plate.

You know, I eat out several times a year at casual dining restaurants, and there's one thing about all casual dining restaurants that's the same.

Say it with me, everybody! All together now!


OC's lips curled into a crooked grin as he took a bite of his burger, his eyes lingering on Twilight as she focused on her food.

Something's a little skeevy about this guy.

"Oh, okay, yeah. Sorry OC, I'll be right back."

"Don't worry about it babe, I'll be here when you get back." As Twilight slid out of the booth OC's hand flipped over and gave her butt a soft smack that made her squeak and bounce to her feet.

Yeah he won't be there when they come back. Neither will the window Shining Armor is going to throw him through.

"Are you okay back there Twilight?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I think I learned a little bit about what kind of guys I don't like, though..."

"Then I call the night a success," Sunny declared with a sweep of her hand.

Yep, always look for the silver lining!

Speaking of which:

I really like the character development for Sunny Flare here, but this story could've used a few more hours in the oven and a more thorough prereading pass. Grammatically it's sound apart from a couple of questionable word choices, but as indicated above, there are a number of things that weren't quite right. Also, to be frank, this one felt a little rushed. I really feel like it needed another couple of thousand words, maybe extend the date scene a bit to develop the tension more satisfactorily.

I'd like to know if any of Sunny's friends got any replies, considering one was energetic, one was provocative, and one was pretty much a challenge.


1: "Dating protocol" depends entirely on the whims of the individuals involved.

2: My prereaders and I considered the possibility of making the date longer, but we decided against it. The longer it went the less it would come off as silly and the more just disturbing and creepy it would become. He was supposed to be a creepy guy, but the story itself wasn't supposed to have a creepy atmosphere, which is what would happen with several thousand words of him sexually harassing an oblivious Twilight Sparkle.

Interesting. Though in the movies, Shining and Cadance were shown to be the same age and staring at each other romantically. So, Shining is many years older than Sunny.

Can you write about Sunny's little brother? That part really touched me.

Enjoying the chemistry between our two new lovebirds.

She was snapped out of her growing anxiety by her cell phone, which cried out "ring ring ring ring" in Twilight Sparkle's playful voice.

Sorry, all I heard was Adam Sandler's ringtone :rainbowlaugh:

"H-hello, OC, it's nice to meet you."

Bust a gut there :rainbowlaugh:

I don't think red is Sunny's color...

What about Cadence?

Okay, dating with a five- or six-year age gap... across the age of consent? Shiny is braver than most people realise!

This was a nice Sunny Flare fanon piece.


Probably at home reading a good book and not being romantically involved with Shining Armor in any way.


In Shadowbolts Adventures, Sunny Flare and the rest of the Shadowbolts are 18.

As I have a little sister myself, I can empathize with both of them about their attitudes and actions. I'm not really prone to violence, but if someone did that to my sister....yeah, I'd punch them. Great work and interesting pairing.

Great work as always. :twilightsmile: Though Shining Armor not being with Cadence? I can get with that. Thank god...

This was a little weird, but pretty good! XD

Well that was cute. Can't... really see Sunny x Shiney myself, but I'll ship anything once :rainbowkiss:

6871065 Not a fan of Candybutt?

6871424 Not really. Cadence is the quote on quote "Perfect Role Model" which is not my style. :ajbemused: The best role model in my opinion is the one who uses their biggest flaws as an advantage or teaches people who have the same or similar flaws how to work around them at least.
*cough* Sunset... *cough* :twilightblush:

6869542 You, sir, would be great at CinemaSins. (*ding*)

Well there's the answer about Sunny's brother, though I'm mildly surprised that she didn't reveal exactly what it was that he had even though she must know what it was (as she mentions his disease having been around in the world for generations).

I see that veiled shot at 'OC'.

Sunny should be careful about going on any more dates with Shining Armor, though. After all, if they continue going out, then they might get married, and then they'll have their wedding crashed :trollestia:

6883769 you know that there is a Readingsins group right :trixieshiftright:


Shouldn't that be Writingsins? You're not sinning the reader, you're sinning the writer.

7127947 nope that's the right name look it up there's a lot of fun stuff in there

7127884 I am aware. In fact, I've done a number of sin counts (including a few of my own stories :rainbowlaugh:)

7128958 didn't know you were a member, my bad

you seen on my equestria if do care about this! that done!

You get an upvote for the OC bit, alone.

The 'dates on the same side' thing threw me for a moment, until I realized it was meant to give the couples at least a modicum of privacy. Two people talking loud enough to hear each other across the table is always loud enough for the person/people next to them to hear--unless they're lost in conversation, which is in no way a sure thing at any time, especially on a first date. But two people sharing the same side of the table could speak quietly enough to not be heard from the other side. In theory, if not in practice, anyway.

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