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The home of the Shadowbolts Adventures and various other stories, mostly related to Equestria Girls.



This story is a sequel to Shadowbolts Adventures: Independence Day (Uncut Version)

After Sugarcoat catches Fleur De Lis in a compromising position with one of their teachers, they become closer as friends, but Sunset Shimmer is ready to pounce on her chance to drive Sugarcoat out of Crystal Prep Academy.

Rated T for mild adult language and sexual themes.

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Comments ( 34 )

Man, nonpony Sunset is gonna get it someday.

Sugarcoat should've slapped Sunset. :pinkiehappy:

Excuse me, but now I need to go punch something... Blame Sunset, not me.

Well... now I really want Pony!Sunset to come over to CPA and beat the shit out of Human!Sunset. :rainbowlaugh:

If I were Sugarcoat, I'd never be able to be in that classroom again ever. Put aside the discomfort of what she saw, there's the fact that the entire room is tainted. There's no way she can ever TOUCH the teacher's desk again, and if the teacher has much contact with his desk during lessons (which he would have to) or grading papers (which he would ABSOLUTELY have to) she won't want to handle any papers that were EVER on that desk, EVER.

When class ended, Sugarcoat rose from her seat, but Fleur turned toward her and pulled a small box out of her jacket to hold it out to her. It was a copy of CarFly 4. "Is this brain bleaching enough to make up for last night?" Fleur asked with a dainty smile.

Sugarcoat stared at the box for a moment before snapping it out of her hand. "It'll do."

That's kinda wrong. Both of them are in the wrong there, Fleur for bribing Sugarcoat and Sugarcoat for accepting.

Also, all I can picture reading "CarFly" is launching cars out of a trebuchet.

...I would absolutely play a game about launching cars out of a trebuchet.

Well...that was a massive downer ending. Poor Sugarcoat. No-win situations suck. :fluttershysad:



Also it wasn't really a "bribe" if Sugarcoat didn't intend to go to any authorities in the first place. It was more of a peace offering to relieve the personal tension between the two of them.

I got a feeling by Sugarcoat's words that something's eventually going to happen where Cinch's only option not to lose face in front of a superior is to throw Sunset under the bus.

A case of karma houdini.

This kinda suffers from being a one-shot. I know the Shadowbolt Adventures are a series of connected short stories, but the events here felt like it needed to be either twice as long to truly develop Sugarcoat and Fleur's friendship or be given a second chapter to draw out Sugarcoat's conundrum a bit longer. Or both.

It also felt strange that it wasn't mentioned that Sugarcoat's transfer wouldn't stop Sunset from holding the information over Fleur's head for future exploitation.

Neither here nor there, but I think you should add Fleur's character tag as well.

Yeah... it could have used an earlier callback that there's two Sunset Shimmers running around. I'd completely forgotten about the evil one and was really having trouble with the plot for a bit.

And... yeah. The whole thing with a teacher and a student having sex? That's really very very wrong, even if she thinks it's okay.

Sunset, may I remind you the definition of karma?

6845794 I would be very dissapointed in DragonShadow if that didn't happen.

I have to say, I like the idea that Cinch didn't care about an affair between teacher and student until she had an opportunity to use it against someone she felt had wronged her. Personally, I tend to favor the idea of her becoming another reformed villian, if only because the first good story involving her took that path (which is ironic since I think the francise is starting to overuse the "reforming" trend); however, I can easily see this as her true character.

You've just given me a very good reason to keep following your Shadowbolts Adventures series, DragonShadow. I'll be looking forward to seeing when and how the Shadowbolts deal with this unholy alliance between Cinch and human Sunset, and perhaps more importantly, what will finally motivate them to do so.

I think it's a bit of a shame we didn't hear anything from Fancy Pants point of view as he could be seen as being the most in the wrong and was the one with the most to loose in the whole thing.

Unless I missed something, that was technically a "statutory rape." This is not a nitpick, just an FYI.


Sorry, no. It has been stated multiple times that the Shadowbolts and their friends are 18, which is the legal age of consent.

It's legally questionable for other reasons, but it is not statutory rape.

I think Sugarcoat missed the third elusive option which was to go to the police or Cadence or somebody in a position of acceptable authority with the picture as proof that Cinch has been hiding knowledge of a relationship between a teacher and student because such a scandal would damage the schools 'reputation.' Fleur would probably get away without too much harm, but Cinch would be in quite a bit of trouble as would Fancy Pants, but frankly, HE SHOULD KNOW BETTER. Or tell Sunset that exact scenario and watch her fumble like an idiot because without Cinch to Lackey for she wouldn't be anything.

Of course I could be wrong.

Cinch DIDN'T know, that was what Sunset's threat was all about. As bad as Cinch is about controlling and manipulating others, I doubt she herself has the time to go through the security tapes and any other security officer or teacher who do it would have reported it. Most schools I've been to (which is quite a few because my family moved around a lot) don't even look at the tapes unless there was a major incident, like a fight that had to be brought to court or a break in, because of the sure amount of time, money and manpower that would take up. Sunset Shimmer, on the other hand, probably regularly goes through them for dirt to use on other students.

It may not be statutory rape, but it is a breach of teacher-student conduct, which, as this fic says, could bar Fancy Pants from teaching or even lead to an arrest depending on the institution.

In fact, Sunset and Sugarcoat knowing about this and NOT coming forward could get them in trouble in some places.

All in all, this is a very good story where there is no good guy, but there is no bad guy. Everyone has a little shade of being in the wrong.

And Human!Sunset continues to be a semi-villain sue. Woohoo.

Things got pretty interesting! I like it ^^

6848086 If they're eighteen, why are they still in high-school?



"12th Grade – Senior Year, starting at 17 to 18 years of age."

Plenty of high school seniors will be 18, if not all of them (at the time of graduation, at least).

Wow, Cinch just replaced one of her best teachers with a math teacher, hurting the actual academics of Crystal Prep, for some sort of weird personal vendetta. At least she'll keep the firing quiet, since "at Crystal Prep a teacher was boning one of the students" isn't exactly good for the Crystal Prep reputation.

Bloody Human!Sunset, goddammit.

Man, that's just evil. And how is Sugarcoat having done exactly what Sunset would have done? Hope there's a second chapter explaining that, cause that makes no sense.

I think Sunset meant that she would've thrown a friend under the bus in order to save herself, which is what she views Sugarcoat as having done.

I'm surprised Sugarcoat and the others haven't all written a letter to Principal Celestia inquiring about having transfer papers for all of them to CHS ready for when they have had enough of Cinch's insanity.

I'm not exactly sure what Cinch is going for here as revenge. But otherwise, this was probably my favorite in this series... or maybe second to the most recent one.

Although, Sugarcoat could have very easily told Dean Cadance. That would have exposed Cinch for hiding such information and Sunset for what's essentially blackmail (and she could very easily be charged as an adult).

This world's Sunset Shimmer is a mother-f***ing b****.:ajbemused:
I mean, what she did in the prequel with Indigo Zap and Lemon Zest was something rather like a stereotypical bully. And also something I expected of the counterpart of the CHS Sunset Shimmer. (She did act sort of like CHS old Sunset in that.)

But, here? Just no.:ajbemused: I mean, really? Blackmailing someone just so you can be top dog of the school in academics is just so...so...I can't even find a word to describe how stupid it is!

And if Cinch is in on this, she could very well be put in jail or at least striped of her position. Not just for this incident, but for the SciTwi incident too. Come to think of it, shouldn't Cinch be in jail for that?

Okay, rant over.:ajsleepy:
It's a good story. I like it. But it's just that this CPA Sunset b**** just plain gets on my f***ing nerves.

6961457 The sad thing about what you sad is your right, Cinch should be in jail but unforunatly they need proof to back up their claims otherwise it won't work. There's also the fact that the Friendship games are a fat no for obivious reasons and hidden recordings and pictures are not good in court...so yeah. Screw you Cinch and Human Sunset.

I am Bill Neigh. I know this is short notice, but I will be your new History teacher for the time being... even though my specialty is mathematics and most of you probably know more about history than I do...

huh, I would've thought his specialty would have been science.:rainbowhuh:
Oh well.

Beat her up? No, much too easy. Pony Sunset just needs a borrowed Crystal Prep uniform, a full cafeteria without the Human Sunset around to blow her cover, and a the fact that she doesn't actually have a nudity taboo...

They just need a recorder listening in on Sunset threatening them and breaking the rules. Then they can go right to the School Board, above the Principle's head.

It's literally THAT easy. Their phones can do that, and they all have phones on themselves all the time! :facehoof:

It wasn't like Fleur was gone. They would still be friends... but Sunset Shimmer was still a thorn that would need to be dealt with someday...

I think it's almost time for a look in the mirror.

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