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The home of the Shadowbolts Adventures and various other stories, mostly related to Equestria Girls.



This story is a sequel to Shadowbolts Adventures: Her Knight in Shining Armor

Sonata Dusk has been kicking around the human world for a long time, but she has never set foot inside a school before the incident at CHS. One lazy morning during her walk with her friends, she decides to take a good long look inside Crystal Prep Academy, and may end up finding much more than she bargained for.

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Sonata Big Deal

...I don't know if I should face-palm, or crack a smile at that joke.

Cute chapter.

It's kinda sad that they think they can't talk.

I'd expect the sirens to carry notepads and pens with them all the time. Otherwise, they just can't function in the world.

On a personal note, I'd love to see Aria beat the crap out of someone for Sonata.

Starswirl called her 'Miss Dusk' but she only wrote 'Sonata' when he asked for her name. Mistake or foreshadowing?

6913812 All of the above.

6914719 Dun Dun Dunnn!:derpyderp1:

FWIW, I wonder if Sonata will ever get around to telling Sour Sweet that the reason she's so good at archery is because she learned to do it in circumstances where, if you failed to score a direct hit, the target had a tendency to try to cut off your head.

It must be strange, to have the mind of an immortal witch in the body of a teenage girl...

In all honesty I meant that as a serious question, but I'm hoping that it's foreshadowing in some way. Even if it's something relatively simple like he heard about the Sirens from Twilight, that could be a really interesting story hook.

So is this the same Starswirl Twilight knows from the bus? Or was that the human world's Starswirl, and this the Equestrian one?


So…when you say 'life-partner,' do you mean…?

I'm surprised Sour Sweet believed the thousand year thing so quickly.

Nice story I like it, no I LOVE it wish to see more of the Shadowbolts Adventures

SIRENS!!! :yay:

I had the exact same thought, :pinkiecrazy:

EDIT: Also, what is up with that giant faberge egg on the cover? I came into this story expecting faberge eggs, and there were no faberge eggs. I'm going to say faberge again just because it's funny.

... Faberge!

6915417 Considering that this Starswirl acts nothing like the one on the bus (Shadowbolts Adventures: Standing Up) . If he were, wouldn't he recognize Twilight Sparkle, the student with top scores, if he were a teacher at CPA? I agree, either foreshadowing or a polthole/typo; I'm hoping for the former...:trixieshiftright:

She's at CHS now. The previous history teacher was fired in Sugarcoated, so Starswirl could be the permanent replacement for him.

6915826 How did I miss that?:facehoof:

Thanks, no plothole after all. Might still be a typo, but I hope not.

And Suri Polomare Changed Her Name Is Buttonbelle, Chi.


After all the magic mumbo jumbo she witnessed at CHS during the Friendship Games she has reason to believe that such things aren't outside the realm of possibility.

Also no, "Life Partner" in this case does not mean romantic partner. It's closer to non-romantic soul mates.

I wonder will Sonata will meet the CP Sunset.

That was quite bittersweet, more than a little sad.

6916508 So glad to hear that. When you first called Adagio her 'Life-partner' I was rather taken aback. After reading some more, I realized that it was a more vague concept than just romance, which I really appreciate. People rarely touch on strong emotional bonds that aren't family, friends, or romances.

Now this was sweet.

This is EQG used to its full potential.

Why can't Sonata talk?

That was nice! Starswirl was odd, but it's great seeing Sonata making friends and moving on!

I think you may have missed a few stories...

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