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Does anyone play the MLP mobile game? My friend code is a49657.

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Had fun at the Renaissance Festival + Apologies · 6:18am Oct 16th, 2016

So, today (Or yesterday, I guess, since it's past midnight now) me and my family, along with some friends, went to the Renaissance Festival. I'd never gone go a Renaissance Festival before, so it was a great experience. I saw a lot of cool events, I bought a couple of things, and overall I had a great time.

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Because Flash Sentry deserves love too.

Where logic and sanity go to die!

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Happy Thanksgiving.

Comment posted by herp deleted Apr 9th, 2016

2119356 Hehehe. Sorry about the fanboy moment. It's just you're probably my favorite writer on the site. Heck, I add elements from your headcanon into a few AU's I've made. I'm just blown away that you think a story I original wrote for an ask blog is good.

I deeply, truly appreciate this. So, once again(without the fanboy-ing) Thank you.

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