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I'm a Sonic fan (obviously) who is also a fan of this show. ...not much else to say.


This story is a sequel to I Just Wanted to Say, I’m Sorry

Spoilers to those who haven't seen EG: Friendship Games yet!

It's been several months since the last time Flash had seen Twilight after he successfully apologized to her for his behavior during The Battle of the Bands! They made a promise to meet again the next time she visits.

Now it was time for the Friendship Games and he was pumped to join in to compete against their longtime rivals, The Shadowbolts from Crystal Prep! By chance, he met with Twilight again at the hallway. But Twilight acted like she never met him before in her life. Something seems off about Twilight.

And Flash was determined to find out!

This story takes place during the events of The Friendship Games from Flash's point of view.

Constructive criticism welcomed!

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 56 )

Looks like Pinkie Pie had stuck again!


"the CHS should prepare for the edible outcome,

it's not edible, but i don't know what word it is.

ah yes. I tried typing it, but the spelling options didn't have the right word. thanks.

Thank you guys so much for pointing them out! Fixed!

You can't see me!!!!!

So Awesome!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: I hope you can finish this story soon. Good luck.


Thanks and I will try to finish this story! :twilightsmile:

6482394 You're welcome!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Why is there downvotes?! This is a good start!


Ok, Flash Sentry is in it.

That's it, the one and only reason. Some users hate Flash enough to automatically down vote any fic he's in. A rom/com Flashlight fic? Down vote! A dark fic where Flash is brutally tortured and then murdered? Down vote! Anything with Flash? Down vote!

It's pretty stupid, but what can you do? :ajsleepy:

6483496 Ugh...I'm about to start up a Flash Sentry story...I can't believe people are still like this...

As for what to do...who knows? Oh well...:facehoof:


Yeah, sometimes fandoms are bizarre beasts… I'm not a fan of Flash but this much of a grudge against someone that isn't even a real person? :pinkiesick:

6483626 Yeah, I agree...its beyond stupid.

Another good story that is ruined by annoying Flash haters. :facehoof:

6482394 I want to see this story finished too but I hope Human Twilight and Flash can start a relationship as friends.

You know, what I don't understand is why so many people hate Flash. Sure, he doesn't possess the best characterization, but he's a good guy. There are few males in MLP that are actually nice. Flash is one of them. I agree his personality could be improved, but honestly, is he really so bad that people down vote a story just because he's in it?


Yeah...I pretty much knew before I posted this story that there will be downvotes because Flash is in it. I know it's a stupid reason for anyone to downvote because they hate this fictitious character instead of the quality of my work, but I won't let that bother me.

I knew there are others who will give this a fair read before voting. If my story is entertaining enough and my writing is any good, chances are, there may be more upvotes than there downvotes, but we'll see.

To those who like my story, thank you all very much for the support and I will continue to keep writing until this story is done, no matter the outcome. :twilightsmile:

6485178 that's good to hear.

Although I'm not a big supporter of FlashLight due to the lack of character development for Mr. Sentry, I will give this story a thumbs-up and a fave due to the fact that this is a good read. I'm willing to bet that if he had received the same amount of attention from the creators as Sunset did, he'd be more liked in the fandom.

6485964 Thank you very much for giving my story a chance! :twilightsmile:

And I agree, I don't care much about Flash as a character either, but if the creators put some more time with Flash's character development (which is what I'm doing in this story), then he wouldn't be so hated by the fans right now.

6485178 I'll support you!:pinkiehappy:

*Sees that there is a sequel

Reaction: :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::raritystarry::yay::heart:

Cannot wait for more!!!

hmmm.. not bad but only more chapters will tell how much I like it.

In Friendship Games, I was a little offended that Sunset Shimmer and the Humane Five never bothered to tell Flash about the human Twilight Sparkle. Are you going to address this in your fic?

this is pretty good tbh, such a shame that this fandom doesn't seem to like flash sentry.

I'd like to see how Flash felt during scenes like the tri-race or Daydream Shimmer vs Midnight Sparkle, or if there are any extra scenes that weren't in the film like in "I Just Want to Say I'm Sorry". I wonder how Flash would react if he saw both Twilight's together? I bet he would either be confused to the point of fainting or think it was a dream come true.

Omg yay a second part to the first one! So good:twilightsmile:

Woah, is that a personality I sense in Flash? Well done, author.

“…okay than,”

Is this supposed to be then? And a period instead of a comma?

Also, good chapter! I like how you've written Flash here. I think I'll start tracking this for now...

I'm sad that Flash is pining after the wrong girl. I hope that by the end of this, Sunset and the others explain why they didn't talk to him the whole time.

Is the reason why the third movie reduced Flash's role and totally punked him out because the writers gave in to peer pressure from the fans who hate him? Because if that is, that's just sad.

Woops, missed that one! :derpyderp1: Fixed!
And thanks, glad you liked that chapter! :twilightsmile:

6846110 Of course! I like Flash Sentry stories if they write him well. I see no need for the massive amount of hate the character gets.

This was a great chapter! I liked seeing how Flash felt during all this, and I almost wanted him to hit someone from Crystal Prep for what they were saying to Twilight, nice inclusion with that by the way having more than just the Shadow 5 heckle Twilight. I have a feeling next chapter Flash is going to see Midnight Sparkle, lets see how that goes.

I did notice a few errors in this chapter though.

"Flash... I'm not sure how I'm going to say this but... I not really a… normal girl."

Chang I to I'm.

Oh hey Sandalwood, when do you get here?”

Change do to did.

To him, she didn’t appeared to be excited or smug about the upcoming games like her peers

Change appeared to appear.

Disappointed that he was not qualified for the next round to compete with Twilight

I think you mean had. Change it to had not qualified.

she just ignored me and leaves me in the dust!

Change leave to left.

jumping hay stack after hey stack with ease
Twilight took off and jumped over the first hey stack

You misspelled 'hay' twice here.

while he was sitting up from the bleachers, couldn't do a thing about it.

I think you should change from to in. also you might want to add "and" between 'bleachers' and 'couldn't'.

they seen Twilight's partner say a few words too

Change seen to saw.

obnoxious partner to shut up

To should be would.

While he wished that he was the one who comes in and saves Twilight

Comes should be came.

blocked him for making his way down to Twilight

For should be from.

Despite these errors though this was a great job and I can't wait for the next chapter!

Hold on. I thought everybody in CHS already knew about Twilight and Sunset being from another world with magic and stuff. :applejackunsure:

Yay!:yay: I totally CANNOT wait for the next chapter!

Well done!:twilightsmile:

6846948 I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter! :twilightsmile:

And thanks for pointing out my mistakes. They're all fixed! This is what I get for writing a chapter late at night. :twilightblush:

6848332 Well...my theory is that it's possible that they knew that they're from another world and they brought magic with them but it seems that they knew more about the fact that Sunset was from another world than Twilight. Probably because they never seen Twilight emerged or entered from the statue. Even if they did remember, they had no idea that there is another Twilight and were probably confused when they saw Twilight is with the Shadowbolts.

Although now that I think about it, I'm surprised that no one in the Friendship Games movie (other than HuMane 6) questioned this, unless they were all focus on the games that they never stop and think about it. :unsuresweetie:

Whatever the case, the movies were never clear about what they know and what they don't know. And that's what one of the things that inspired me to make stories like this!

6848332 If I recall correctly, there was a part in the movie where Principal Celestia questioned why their friend Twilight was with Crystal Prep. Pinkie Pie flat out told her she was the Twilight native to the human world and the Twilight Celestia was thinking of was from another world. Celestia got really confused and dropped the matter.

He should have realize it right now..

Oh dear the real Twilight does not know who Flash is. "What ever should I do now" Ahahahahahahahaha!!!!

It's good that Flash finally figured out who this Twilight is. Hope he asks why the girls never told him.

Nice touch in making the human Lyra obsessed with ponies.

Hmmm...interesting chapter. Can't wait for the next one!:twilightsmile:

Sorry it took me so long to comment. This is another great chapter, and I'm wondering what will happen next now that Flash finally realizes that this isn't the same Twilight.

7396114 It's no problem. As for what happens next...you're just gonna have to wait and see. :raritywink:

That was very heartwarming. If you do make an adaptation of Legend of Everfree, it will hopefully be a lot happier for Flash since unlike in the original Friendship Games, he was able to have closure and actually befriend Sci-Twi.

Spoiler Alert: My story, The Lost Hero, will eventually have a scene similar to this. I'm not ripping off your story. I came up with the entire plot months ago, it just takes me forever to write.

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