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I'm a Sonic fan (obviously) who is also a fan of this show. ...not much else to say.



Spoilers to those who haven't seen Rainbow Rocks yet!

After the defeat of the Dazzlings, Flash Sentry felt guilty for the cruel things he said to Twilight during the Battle of the Bands competition. He wanted to apologize to Twilight, but his guilt and not knowing how make an apology approach is what holding him back. When he heard that Twilight is once again leaving from Canterlot High, Flash knew that he must speak to Twilight before it is too late!

My head-canon of what happened sometime before the end of Rainbow Rocks.

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There are some issues with tenses, grammar, and the like. Mostly they're spread out, like sprinkles on a doughnut.
But all in all, not bad. A thumbs up from me. :pinkiehappy:

The following was a sentence that made me blink, though.

Twilight felt touched by Flash’s sincere apology and her eyes began to moisture, but she was never angry with him from the beginning.

:pinkiehappy: - I have to ask water you doing with that sentence?
:twilightangry2: - Pinkie! That pun was uncalled for!
:pinkiesmile: - Water you talking about?
:twilightsheepish: - ...okay, now it's funny. Slightly.

(In case it wasn't clear and/or entertaining (probably not entertaining...) The usual expression is 'eyes watering' or 'her eyes began to water' for your case. The replacing of moisture with water would be a good first step towards fixing that sentence.)

Nice idea for a story. Good luck with future stories.

5087211 Thanks for the tip Keradon! I don't know what was I thinking with that one. :facehoof:


Nice, I kinda wanted to hear him say this and it would it have been sweet. I still ship them though. Good work.:heart:

You spelled patiently wrong

Just like the dame movie where they ruined a kiss scene. :facehoof: Oh well, I don't really mind:pinkiesmile:.....much:ajsmug:

I thought I am the only one who have this idea. You make my wish come true! Thanks bud!

5173389 if this was how it was actually handled I'd like the ship better, but no Hasbro has to use male love interest stereotypes and not make them go through relationship problems. Good fic

I am I huge Flashlight fan!!! I loved it!!!


I think this is cute enough to be the ending of the movie, I would have liked it even MORE! I already love the movie, I think it would have been better had Trixie not interrupted. But still, I think the pairing is SO CUTE!!!

Also… one other thing…

Flash gulped the way Twilight speaks to him about the second promise. Twilight certainly knows how to catch him off guard.

HA HA, PUN ALERT!!!:rainbowlaugh:

I really hope we see their relationship grow in the next movie! I'm writing my own version of Equestria Girls 3 (No clone Twilight though, sorry could't make it work :fluttercry:) and believe me, if you are a Sunset Shimmer fan, I would totally consider reading it when I'm done. Keep Up the Good Work!:rarity wink:


OH MY WORD, well maybe not that part…LOL!!!:rainbowlaugh::heart: THAT WAS JUST TOO WRONG!!!LOL


Would you have liked it if they would have kissed?

Because I would have. :twilightblush: (I am soooo girly)

But I know why they did that. They did that because they were not yet ready to show something mushy(in a way of saying it.) on a 'kids' show.
I mean, I can understand Canterlot Wedding where Shinning Armor and Cadence kissed, well duh! they were getting married, but…
boyfriend and girlfriend…I don't think they were ready for that yet…

But it better happen in the third one or else I'm gonna...never mind.:twilightsheepish: LOL!

Kid show with adult refreces though. :derpytongue2: Hasbro you confuse me.:facehoof:

He might get detention, but that was worth it

I love this.
He did apologize.

Well, that takes care of Flash...now for the rest of the school.

I wish u would write more base on this I like it

Honestly, if I hadn't watched the film, I couldv sworn this is what happened. Great story! Flashlight shipper rates it 10/10!:twilightsmile:

In both movies, I wanted a kiss scene. WHY NO KISS SCENE?! :raritydespair:

Twilight pecks him on the check again and slowly walks away from a stunned Flash.


Flash turns away and heads back inside the back of the school to get to his class. Even if he’ll most likely get detectionfor being tarty to his class, his talk with Twilight is still worth it

I'm quite sure thats detention.

Flash Sentry is having a rough night. He is tossing and turning in his bed as his memories hunted him during the battle of the bands, specifically his words towards a certain purple with pink stripe haired girl.

Don't you mean haunted?

I wish there was a sequel for this.

5877534 Thank you for pointing out my mistakes. I already fixed them. :twilightsmile:

5877677 Alrighty then

Found more!

As Flash looked up, he felt two gentle hands on both sides of his face with Twilight’s soft yet determined eyes looking right at his. Flash was barley breathing and his heart is running a million miles per hour


Flash blinked. This request was really unexpected from Twilight. He did say he will keep Twilight promises, but trying to be nice to his ex who bullied everyone in school, turned into a demon and brainwashed everyone including him at the fall formal isn’t something he can easily keep.

Nope. They were turned into zombies temporarily.

“The second promise… is the next time we meet… we will talk again in a much more friendly terms.” Said Twilight shyly with a blush on her face, “And also… I would like us to go out to Sugarcube Corner Café for a shake sometime… if that is alright with you?”

Either you remove the "a" or make "terms" singular.

“Well… I’ll see next time… Flash,” said Twilight softly and she walked around the building, returning to where her friends are waiting for her.

What happened to the "you" in what Twilight said?

Flash, still standing at the spot where Twilight kissed his cheek twice for he felt like minutes, raiseed his hand and touched his check.

And lastly, raised.

5877918 Thank you again friend! They're all fixed! :twilightsmile:

5880547 You're welcome! Here, have a cookie.

The story's good overall; I like it. :) I especially like Pinkie's part in the story. XD The only glaring error I see is that the story's verb tense isn't consistent. You tend to switch between past tense and present tense, and you need to stick with only one tense in a story.

Keep on writing! :D

6036380 Thank you Mew Universe! I'm glad you like my story! :twilightsmile:

And thank you for your critique. Keeping the verb tense the same is a little difficult for me but I'll try to get better at it on my next story. :pinkiesmile:

What an Awesome story!!!! Too bad Hasbro did not add this part of scene for the Rainbow Rocks movie, it would have been a lot better. Again, Awesome job!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

He do realize that she's a pony princess not an actually human?

I love this fic, it provides a much needed apology scene between Flash and Twilight. I think it is very great, but there are a few small mistakes I noticed.

Man this sticks,

I think you mean stinks.

Still felt Twilight’s hands on his cheeks,

That should be feeling.

“She really is one of the kind,”

I'm pretty sure you mean "one of a kind."
But still, great job. Also, CURSE YOU PINKIE THEY WERE SO CLOSE!

6533531 I'm glad you like my story and thank you for pointing out on my mistakes! They're all fixed! :twilightsmile:

Great story, however you constantly swapped from past to present tense throughout the story.

Flash nodded. He hates to admit it, but Twilight does have a point. Ever since the fall formal, Sunset tried to redeem herself anyway she can to make up every student who she wronged. Some accepted her forgiveness, while others are still wary and/or not too forgiving, himself included.

6476186 You're welcome!! :D :D :D :D :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I loved it!

This really help fleshing out flash and the issue in the movie.

this was fine but I don't really see the comedy in it. its like you are trying to have a sad story about guilt but it is not really fleshed out. so its not bad but it feels pretty lukewarm.

A Great Story
Can’t Wait for More Stuff coming out

This Gives Many People Closure and Peace after what had happened in The Hallway Scene. And Revealing The Trauma and Failure Flash Sentry is facing for the rest of his life. Twilight Should have hugged him when she accepted his apology knowing that she never hates or permanently scarred by the event. Flash Sentry is traumatized and needs to better with mind control. His Seeks His Father for protecting his mind for desperation to not be manipulated by anyone else.

In this Remake(My Remake like Joker(2019) Oscar Winning for Joaquin Phoenix Playing The Joker/Arthur Fleck for Best Acting and for Best Original Score by Hildur Ingveldar Guoandottir. I don’t know how to pronounce the name and so does everyone else. Also the time period is different since it is my universe so follow along and make sure you use your brain to connect the dots).
Inspired by your Story. The Author.
Flash Sentry went back home when he sees the friendship hug knowing that he remembered the horrible thing he said to Twilight and is traumatized by what happened. He has been mind controlled again and make him reveal his negative emotions towards Twilight because of him being abused by his Parents. They both physically, mentally, and emotionally abuse him every chance they get for their son to be the Greatest Of All Humanity but instead left him psychologically damaged permanently and leaves him in an angry state relating to his trauma he experienced from his parents’ abuse. Flash Sentry didn’t know that One Of His Parents He Had Lead To Believe Isn’t his Biological Parent and is instead the Step Parent. He went back home the regular way like any other. Flash Sentry took All of the Punishments to protect his little brother, First Base, from becoming damaged and corrupted like him. He got back to his house using his car, parking it, unlocking the door with his own house key and in he goes He closes the door and checks for his little brother in his bedroom knowing that he wouldn’t have to witness all of the anger that happened. Flash calmly brushed his hair letting him know that his brother is home and is safe and sound. Flash went to take a shower, brushed his teeth puts on his underwear and pajamas to get good sleep for tomorrow. He sets the alarm and making sure his parents don’t listen. When he slept he had nightmares about the horrible thing he said to Twilight and it haunted him for the rest of the night leaving him really hurt.

When morning came and he heard the alarm, he turned the alarm off and got off of bed rubbing his eyes with both his hands and woke up his little brother whispery so they wouldn’t wake the despicable and evil parents. They eat breakfast, brushed their teeth, put on deodorant and changed into their regular clothes. Putting their pajamas in the laundry basket and get pack their stuff in the backpacks, getting ready for school and get into Flash’s Car. The Drive isn’t far and got the usual parking spot he had for the past year. He dropped First Base off to his Junior High class which in the same Place Canterlot High Is. They both know that they will see each other again by the end of the school day. He got 20 Minutes before First Period starts so the first thing he did is to apologize to everyone who he hurt during the Battle Of Bands Incident, Everyone else already apologized to one another the previous night. Today Is Friday so there is no school for Spring Break. Flash Tells everyone he is sorry for what he had done and tells them that it wasn’t really his fault not just the Dazzlings but his own trauma from his own experience from being abused by his parents. The Students understand and accepted the apology but they had no idea that he had more damage than anyone else. The students promised to help him and promised to keep it a secret to protect First Base and keeping him from being sent to a foster home where there are even more despicable people than Flash’s Parents.

The experience changed Flash permanently as he is motivated to become smart so that he will become better and make sure he is not a bad guy to anyone. By Being Such A Dedicated Student in Canterlot High. He barely passed for being lazy and awkward for asking help because of his fear of rejection. After the experience of meeting Twilight and being brainwashed twice changed his perspective forever. He becomes a very smart student to equal Twilight’s Intelligence to make sure, he is better than his parents, will be able to help his little brother, be a good member of society and be a good friend to anyone and a good boyfriend when he gets into a relationship again. The first period is Math, Geometry, and he really studied and is called out and the students are surprised that he listened and corrected the problems that the teacher over-sighted giving the students new level and respect and love like an upgrade.

When he is on his was for 2nd Period, he overheard Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, And Apple Bloom talking about Twilight leaving and wondering if they have pony version of themselves. He heard about all it and without hesitation, he sprints to get to the statue where the portal happened. With only one thing in mind, “I got To Apologize to Twilight!” And he got to her telling them “Wait!”. The Women aka The Mane/Main/Human 7 turned around to see Flash catching his breath knowing that he is still adjusting to the school’s parameters and where to go. Flash “I need to talk to Twilight, Please and I just need to say something to her”. He catches his breath for 1 minute. Twilight knows that she has still has time only one day left until the portal closes so she agreed. Spike tried to follow them which Twilight noticed and like what the author did only that Flash knows that Spike can talk when he just so happened to see the truth about Twilight when he hears the conversation In the Canterlot Boutique and sees Spike Talk in the First Movie. Flash had known since the Boutique Talk. Similar to what the author say about Flash being ,you know, ashamed. Twilight snapped him out of it and tells her three things. “Twilight, There are three things you should know. 1. I have always known your different and not from this world since the Boutique Conversation where Pinkie Told her friends and you about Twilight’s Reason for coming here.” Flash said. Twilight remembered the conversation and asked him “Why didn’t you sell me out or hurt me, I felt that I couldn’t trust anyone when I am in this world?” Flash said “Because I care about you a lot and I would do anything to keep you safe and want you to be happy. You Getting this while putting his hands at her shoulders. She trusted him and placed her hands on Flash’s Hands to provide comfort. Twilight asked “What’s The Second Thing?” “I have anxiety and social awkwardness when I’m around other people. I should have helped you out but I was busy getting to my class, and I would have helped you out with Sunset Shimmer bullying Fluttershy/Fluttery Shy and helped you win the crown to get home but I was scared and I don’t know what to do about myself. I need help to get over my problems so I can be a better person that I have ever was when you met me.” Flash said whole choking up that he could have done more to help her. Twilight had her eyes open wide as she realized that Flash Sentry is like her being socially awkward and have anxiety when she had trouble getting new friends and being a social person in general. Twilight then tells him “It’s Okay, I understand since I went through the same experience like you had and we are not so different so that we can know each other better and see that if we can be friends or not when I want us to be friends. So I will help you in anyway I can while I’m gone okay?” Flash then nodded. The hardest part is to say sorry to Twilight after he hurt her with the insult Yesterday. “Twilight,” Looking at Twilight holding her hands while Twilght watches him to know what he is saying. “I’m am s-s-sorry”. Twilight is curious what is he sorry about now? Not sure what he is sorry about as she wants to know. Twilight asked him curiously “What Are You Sorry About?”.

Flash realized that it isn’t enough and telling her the reason why. “I HURT YOU TWILIGHT, OKAY?! I HURT YOU IN THE HALLWAY YESTERDAY AND I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT UNTIL AFTER THE DAZZLINGS ARE DEFEATED AND THE FIRST THING I WANTED TO IS APOLOGIZE TO YOU BUT *sarcastically* THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE * end sarcastic* SCREWED IT UP AND I DON’T WANT TO RUIN YOUR FRIENDSHIP HUG AND I EVEN MORE HURT THAN BEFORE.” Flash then had tears in his eyes while doing it releasing the guilt and anger he had onto the Greatest Girl He Had Ever Met In His Lifetime. “I’m so sorry for everything Twilight, for me not helping you enough, for me not buying you a second drink in The Sugarcube Corner, Me Not helping you out during The Fall Formal Event, EVERYTHING TWILIGHT I HATE MYSELF FOR NOT SUPPORTING YOU ENOUGH. I SHOULD HAVE DONE BETTER. I NEED TO BE BETTER AND I WANT TO HELP MY BROTHER AND ME. I AM SORRY FOR EVERYTHING TWILIGHT, I’M SORRY!” After what he said he goes to sit down and letting out his tears and sadness while Twilight’s eyes began to water and then developed into tears of her own, no idea that Flash felt this way despite clearing her name in the Gym Incident Sunset Shimmer caused and the hug he gave her when he is out of being brainwashed. She sits down next to him and without hesitation, he hugged Flash and he hugged her back finally having someone that can comfort him and understand him other than his brother for the first time for years. Twilight tells Flash that “I had no idea you were feeling that way, and I’m Sorry too that I didn’t get to know you enough to hang out with my friends. Flash, Look At Me, Please.” Flash looked at Twilight seeing her with tears in her eyes and smiled at him. “Flash Sentry, You Are The Greatest Guy I have Ever Met In This World. When I came here with Spike, I was scared and unsure about people being good or bad or anything but then you lifted me up knowing that humans can be trusted. You have further made me believe in this world when you bumped into me a lot and made me awkward and smile because of your silliness. You helped me clear my name about The Decoration Incident. You actually saved everyone by presenting the truth as if not for you, Sunset Shimmer would never turn good, I would have never gone back home and you would never be forgiving yourself for staying quiet. All Those Moments Helped Me to become a better person that I ever was and that incident in the hallway doesn’t matter because the good things you did outweighs all of the bad ones because I don’t see you as a bad guy, I see you as my Greatest Best Male Friend Of This World. I forgive you from the incident the hallway because I love you as I would have never make it in this world without you. Thank You Flash Sentry For Saving Me and Helping Me On This Journey”. Flash still had tears in his eyes, Hugged her again “ How can you forgive me so easily, I thought you’d be furious at me after that horrible thing I said?” Flash said. Twilight said “I was never angry with you, I was sad because I had afraid I lost you lost your identity and yourself.” “I did lose myself” Flash said. Then Twilight pulls Flash Back and got him to look at her in the face then tells him “And You Did It By Yourself and I am So Happy That You Told Me All Of This”. Then Twilight goes back to hug Flash while rubbing his back slowly when Flash says “You’re An Amazing Person You Know, And I’m Sorry About The Yelling Too.” Twilight says “I Know, I know you didn’t mean it, you just had to let it out and feel better afterwards, I forgive you for that Too, For Everything.” They stayed like that for 10 minutes both of them finally let out all of the tears silently not knowing that The Rest Of Main 7(Not Sci-Twi Yet) along with Spike The Dog seeing and listening to the entire thing that they didn’t realize that Flash has more depth to his character and more emotional damage than they have ever realized. Twilight and Flash both got up with each other’s help after sitting like that for 10 minutes along with releasing tears. They wiped their tears before getting up. But Twilight’s Legs are Weakened because of her not having the full human strength of a teenage girl got catched by Flash and carries her along with wrapping her arms around him. Twilight and Flash Blushed knowing that he is carrying her princess style as that’s what she is for her world. Flash also blushed that he never carried a girl before and let along princess style. Flash then tells her “I Love You Too Twilight and I wouldn’t think of anything without you either. And Twiligjt kissed him on the cheek knowing that he knows about it. The 6 and Spike realize they are coming so they get back at their place they were before. Flash carried Twilight In Front Of The Portal. Carrying her symbolizes the trust finally happened and is completed by the Confession from both people from completely different worlds both damaged and hurt by things from their experience as they as in their arms she finally has someone she can relate to about her life. When he placed Twilight back at her feet, he then tells her “So, I guess This Is Goodbye For Now, I Guess” “Yeah, I know how tough it is but we write to one another knowing that nothing can keep this friendship apart” Twilight said. Twilight then tells Flash “Also, I need you to promise three things, Okay?” Flash nodded twice knowing that he is willing to do anything for her. “One, You Need to treat Sunset Shimmer Better, now I don’t know what happened but Sunset is trying really hard to redeem herself from her evil actions, I’m not saying be her friend right away just treat her better as she only has me, spike and the rest of The Main 7. Promise Me, Flash?”
Flash Thinks about knowing it might suck for him to try to connect with Sunset Shimmer after she dated him for popularity and treated everyone like a Jerk Nonstop for the Freshmen Year. Flash ultimately decided grabbing her hand, “I Promise Twilight”. “Good, That’s What I Like To Hear. The Second Thing I want to know why are you so angry and I want to get to know you better so you can heal from this experience.” Flash tells her “I would like that, Thank You, So What’s The Third Thing?” Twilight kisses him on the cheek again and told him “When I’m Back, We can go to the Sugarcube Corner and you can make up for the spillage that costs money. I also want to hangout with you along with my friends more so we can be like a group that will not be broken.” Flash actually liked the Last One because he only has his band as his friends since Middle School and Junior High, so he gets the chance to make new friends that made him smile and tells Her “I like That Idea The Best” Flash huffed her one final time telling her “I’ll See You Later When You Get Back Okay?” Twilight tells him “I’ll See You Later Too Flash, Stay Safe and Never Forget Who You Are”. He stands alongside The Rest Of The Main 7 after Twilight said her goodbyes to her human friends and looked back to see Flash one final Time as she waved Goodbye To Him and He Waved Back as She walks into the Portal that someday Twilight Will Be Back. Everyone Is Waiting Once Again. In Flash’s Mind “Twilight Really Is A One Of A Kind Person In My Lifetime and I Will See Her Again Soon and I’ll Be Patiently Waiting For You Twilight, I Promise” They stayed like that for a minute before the rest of the group realized that They Missed Half The Classtime for Second Period So They All rushed to get to the Classroom they are all assigned in. Flash doesn’t care that he’s Late knowing that he had closure after The Event of Yesterday, He Will Make Up The Work He Is Assigned with The Rest Of The Humans That Are Late, and That Twilight Still Liked Him. Flash Sentry for The First Time In A Long Time Is Happy That Everything Is Going To Be Okay.

Avatar References People.
Edit: Breaking Bad References To With Jesse Pinkman

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