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This story is a sequel to One Bump Too Many

Since the wedding of Princess Twilight Sparkle and Captain Flash Sentry, they have been anticipating anything unexpected. But what happens when they are caught off-guard by the unexpected?

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Two things:
First: The opening paragraph felt clunky, consider revising it.
Second: I doubt that Flash would say that Twilight looks like trash out loud and I Know that Rarity would never say it.
Other than that, looks pretty good, excited for more. :)

*spits water* :rainbowderp: Whoa! Nice going there!

Go fainting couch. That is awesome. I can't wait to read about when they find out it is going to be a peagsus.

When i first read through this it felt like i was reading "Nidra's Road to Parenthood" with different characters. Going back over i realized it's
Not the same story with different characters but they are oddly similar in the progression this far. I recommend making sure the two storys aren't to similar in events. Other then that all I can say is YAY IT'S HERE

I am really enjoying this

However feinting is deceptive moves in combat
Fainting is to lose conscious is due to shock

You have the 2 mixed up near the end

feinting couch.

5884939 Noted and thanks for the feedback!

5885028 Thank you and I will revise later! :twilightsmile:

AHHH MOOOREEEE. :pinkiehappy:
YWAY SEQUELL! :raritystarry:

Awesome work! Can't wait to see moar!:twistnerd:

This is good so far! I can't wait for more!

The foal will be STARBURST YAYYYYYYY! I love your story

5888418 YoU should also knwo that I'll be making a separate one for Night Light Jr.!

Oh yah! I forgot XD
Btw, when are you gonna write a new chapter? ;-;

5888868 I will try to press one out today since my band trip starts tomorrow.

So many parenthood stories and updates, I love it! Bring me more :raritystarry:

5926692 You're welcome! Can't wait for more!

I say Flash's biggest problem is an angry Shining Armor

Ahh the fainting couch, we meet again.

6160444 thank you! And nice picture!

:duck: At least you didn't crave gem stones

:moustache: Or bit the Doctors in the delivery room

:facehoof: I crave batteries


This is so cute and like how I imagine them. I'm glad Twilight and Flash are getting along well, marriage and baby can be stressful. I eagerly look forward to the next chapter; which I hope will be soon? :)

6160789 A stressed pregnant Twilight?:twilightangry2:

:moustache::duck: Ice cream? Ice Cream!

:trollestia: Lesson zero +1 ?

:rainbowhuh: She looks like a purple beach ball!

:pinkiegasp::fluttercry::ajbemused: duck!

6161440 You are more than welcome. I've been wanting to write a story with Flash and Twi and think you captured their characters correctly and made their relationship so cute and wonderfully well done.

6160445 np, and thanx its from an awesome anime called Sword Art Online

Great chapter. It was nice to see Twilight telling everypony. I loved Spike's reaction the best. It was funny to read the Soarin grounded Dash. I understand why, but it's hard to picture.

6163619 When a pegasus is pregnant, they need to find a house on the ground and through the duration of being pregnant, the pegasus can't fly what so ever.

Dammit, how did I oversee that? ._. Now I'm feeling dumb. xD Still thanks for making the story's!

I understand but you need to thing of the foal

I think you meant to say "think of the foal"

cant wait even though I hate flash sentry ill still read this ship :heart: :twilightsheepish: :twilightsmile:

I can't wait for this story to be finished.

Still waiting for the next part....

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