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I'm a Sonic fan (obviously) who is also a fan of this show. ...not much else to say.


Apple Bloom and the rest of the Crusaders originally created Anon-a-Miss to frame Sunset Shimmer by posting embarrassing secrets about her sister and her friends so they can kick Sunset out of the group so Apple Bloom can spend more time with her sister. But after Apple Bloom got what she wanted, she actually felt... torn, mostly guilty for what she did to her sister and to Sunset Shimmer. And then things were spiraling out of control in school as students were fighting each other as more secrets were posted online.

During the chaos on school grounds, Apple Bloom hid in the class room, lamenting about her past actions. While she was deep in thought, she was suddenly visited by an unexpected visitor.

This is a one shot Anon-a-Miss story.

FEATURED: 8/1/18 - Wow! Thank you all so much everypony! :twilightsmile:

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Very well written! It's nice to see anon a miss through the eyes of one of the real villain. I really liked this!

Now, this was an interesting one. Not a big fan of Anon-A-Miss fics, I'll be the first to admit, but seeing one through the eyes of Apple Bloom, and Diamond Tiara temporarily going back to her old bitchy self to give her some home truths? Not bad, not bad at all.

Not bad at all. Clean writing like this is rare since I see so many stories with lower case letters or misspelled words.

Great Job

No, the REAL villain of Anon-a-Miss is the comic writer who decided to make the characters OOC to begin with. :facehoof:

Well, there is more freedom to write a story in comics that a show for children. Maybe the characters have different traits that would be too much for tv. For me I would like to see the whole sunset before EQG comic adapted for tv with an teen to adult rating.

On the surface, I'd be inclined to agree with what you just said... But at the same time, I'm baffled by what that has to do with the fact that the original Holiday Special comic was a bundle of poorly-written garbage.

The Rainbooms turning on Sunset after Rainbow Rocks (when she pretty definitively proved herself changed by ponying-up with the rest of them to defeat the Sirens), the CMC going Ponyville Confidential for a BS reason (instead of being unaware at first about the damage of gossip, then blackmailed when they DO want to get out, they decide to slander and ruin friendships because... they're jealous? O-kay...?), it was all really crap.

The story itself is all right. Mainly, I'm glad to see one Anon-a-Miss fic that isn't yet another grimdark slog, although Diamond Tiara really came off as a massive mouthpiece here and less of an actual character. I'm kind of torn on the shot about AB's parents - on the one hand, that does feel like something Diamond might say as a former bully and all, that kind of hard-hitting verbal slap in the face, but on the other hand she says she's trying to reform, so going for something like that also makes me see her as a bit hypocritical. Maybe it'd land better for me if it were kind of a "See? That's how it feels, going after someone in such a personal way."

There's one sentence in this that really doesn't feel right to me, and it's actually not one of Diamond's mouthpiece bits. It's this bit here:

Diamond deadpanned. “You know, even as the younger sister of the element of honesty, you are a terrible liar.”

Uh, how would Diamond know what the Element of Honesty is? They're humans in the human world, not ponies, and I don't really think that Sunset has been sharing many details about Equestria and the Elements of Harmony.

It'd fit more it it were something like "Even for someone from the Apple Family, you're a terrible liar."

Anyway, that's my own thoughts on the story. Not bad, even though I do think it becomes a bit of a filibuster, but still, glad to see a Anon-a-Miss fic that doesn't demonize Apple Bloom or the CMC and actually ends on the idea of forgiveness... even if it's gonna be a long and hard road.

Not gonna lie, I thought the same thing. Crap probably by the constraint of a single issue. It could have been written better. Like say the Rainbooms having doubts at first and investigated the web page further. Sunset not forgiving the CMC right away. Twilight being of some real help.

This is a story that would have been better off as a mini series or something. Written with more details the Sunset's reformation and her struggles. Something.

I like Anon-A-Miss stories. Only the ones that deviate from the generic.

You do realize that the Anon a miss is based on the idea of Gabby gums from the original series yes?

Yeah, and they missed what made that episode work.

At first, the CMC are into the gossip thing for popularity. Then, they want to back out, and are blackmailed into continuing and publishing more hurtful gossip. Thus while they made a bad mistake, they were already having misgivings about the harm they were doing, and thus are more sympathetic than in the comic.

Here, it's more "Oh, my big sister doesn't spend time with me. Let's reveal personal secrets about her and her friends, and blame it on an innocent girl! Never mind that said innocent girl helped save us all from a trio of evil Sirens! I want my sister to spend more time with me!"


Nono I perfectly agree. But that was what they were going for.

Well, if that's what they were going for, then they missed the damn point WHY that episode worked.

Despite Diamond was reformed in this story, the reason she brought up about Apple Bloom's parents was because she was making a point that what Apple Bloom had done was wrong that even her parents would think so too, even if it was a sensitive topic on Apple Bloom's part. Plus, Diamond was also angry at Apple Bloom for nearly causing her to end her friendship with Silver Spoon so you could see why she was being harsh about it. Was it hypocritical on Diamond's end? Perhaps. But if someone who once bullied you tells you what you've done was wrong, then you know you've screwed up.

As for that line... yeah I see what you mean. Sunset wouldn't want to reveal anything about Equestria with anybody outside her friends (even though the Equestrian magic is a common knowledge in their school at this point). Still, you made a good point, so I just altered that line.

I appreciated your criticism and thanks for giving my story a chance! :pinkiesmile:

Very nice. This is the first Anonamiss fic I’ve seen where it focused on a (mostly) uninvolved party trying to show the CMC (or one of them at any rate) that they screwed up before the secret came out. Makes for a fascinating blow by blow of building guilt.

Careful there, man, I'm getting tempted to do an "Anon A Miss done right" sort of story to explore how the EG girls would explore the sequence of events that would push them so far as to turn against Sunset Shimmer.

Diamond deadpanned. “You know, even for someone from the Apple Family, you're a terrible liar.”

Very terrible:rainbowlaugh:!

“WAT!? A-ah ain’t jealous of her!” Apple Bloom denied terribly.

Yes you are:trixieshiftright:.

Diamond sighed and shook her head. “Really? Granted, I was weary about her too. But after she helped your sister stopped those Sirens from the Battle of the Bands, she earned more than enough of my forgiveness. I figured you felt the same too from that day, but clearly I was wrong.”

Some people do tend to hold grudges, sad to say:applejackunsure:.

Diamond shook her head. “Deny all you want Apple Bloom, ever since Sunset Shimmer joined your sister’s group, they pretty much hang out together all the time. I can also bet that it wasn’t just Sunset Shimmer you’re mad at, you’re also mad at your sister for excluding you and your friends on every social activities. And here I thought I’m the petty one!”

Well DT, you and Sunset aren't the first bullies, and you definitely won't be the last:ajsleepy:.

“ Good reason!? ” Diamond yelled in disbelief. “You call humiliating every student in school just to destroy one person’s life was a “good reason”? Even I wouldn’t go that far!”

Somehow, I believe that:ajsmug:.

“I just want to give Sunset the proper punishment!" Apple Bloom yelled angrily. "It’s not fair that all she gets for bullying everybody, including my sister was a slap on the wrist and hangs out with my sister like nothin’ happened! If no one is going to do a dang thing about it, then… me and mah friends will have to punish her with our own hands!”

That wasn't you're move to make Apple Bloom:ajbemused:.

“Your mom and dad. I bet they’ll be so proud of you!”


Diamond fully faced Apple Bloom with her serious expression. “Was it worth it?”

Yes Apple Bloom, was it worth it:pinkiecrazy:?

“You know what I mean Apple Bloom!” Diamond pressed, as she rolled her eyes. “From what I’ve gathered, you and your friends did not truly forgave Sunset Shimmer for what she had done to your sister and her friends, even after she apologized from the fall formal. And then after they forgave her and let her join them into their little group, you three, especially you Apple Bloom were jealous that your sisters spent more time with Sunset Shimmer than you. Of course, you could’ve just talk to your sister about that, but you probably figured that she wouldn't listen and that Sunset somehow had fooled them. So you decided to get back at Shimmer and punish her with your own hands by posting so many secrets of your sister and her friends on MyStable and make it look like it was her. Sure, you ended up hurting your sister from all the ridicule she has to go through, but you figured as long as you make them believe that it was Sunset, that’s all that matters. You know, “ for the greater good ”."

And look what it got you Apple Bloom, friends turned against each other, trust has been broken, a school is in chaos...and you're sister hurt. All by yours and your friends hands, because you were jealous:twilightangry2:!

Apple Bloom was starting to tremble, but Diamond pushed on. "But that wasn’t enough, was it Apple Bloom? Maybe exposing your sister’s and her friends’ secrets wasn’t enough to convince everyone, or maybe you just wanted to torture Sunset some more. Whatever the reason, you three decided to keep going with other students to the point that our hallways is like a war-zone everyday, all while Sunset Shimmer suffered in the process. You know, if I was still a bully to you three, I would’ve been impressed. Because no one, not even me, heck, not even Sunset Shimmer had ever been this cruel!”

No, no she was not:ajsleepy:.

“Why? Was it because I’m wrong or was it because it was the truth?” Diamond asked coolly. When there was no response from Apple Bloom except the sounds of her sniffles, Diamond continued. “Face it Apple Bloom, no matter how you look at it, you and your friends are even bigger bullies than Sunset Shimmer ever was!”


“But what about when she turned into a she-demon?” Apple Bloom cried desperately.

Really? Really?! You're using that as a way to defend yourself:twilightangry2:?!

“That doesn’t count and you know it!” Diamond shot back. “She was corrupted by that crown’s magic and wasn’t herself at the time. But even with that, what you three did to this school within a week was still worse than what Sunset had done during her three years of bullying!” Diamond waved her hand towards the classroom door where the sounds of bickering and shouting coming from the other students from the hallway. “And now here we are, the school is now in chaos, many trusts were broken, your sister and her friends disowned Sunset, and Sunset herself is now all alone, crying and suffering in the middle of the hallway with angry students surrounding her. All before Christmas no less!”

Sunset it in for one hell of a holiday:twilightoops:.

Apple Bloom paused. She thought back from last night when her sister returned home from school. When Applejack told Apple Bloom that she is no longer friends with Sunset Shimmer, Apple Bloom recalled how her sister sounded hurt and angry as she was speaking. But, Apple Bloom also recalled that her sister’s eyes were also sad and pained, which worried her greatly. And later that night, Apple Bloom sneaked by Applejack’s bedroom door so she could check up on her. But when she listened in, the only sound she heard were quiet sobs from her older sister. Apple Bloom guessed it was probably either Applejack suffered from days of mockery from other students or despite her anger towards Sunset, she was secretly upset that she lost her friend or... maybe both. Whatever the reason, Apple Bloom felt incredibly guilty that night because she's the cause of everything.

All because of her jealousy and pettiness.

Jealousy can be a powerful thing if not controlled...and it wasn't controlled here...and now, the consequences will follow...for everyone:ajsleepy:.

Apple Bloom wiped her face with her arm while looked uncertain. “But… if Ah… and the crusaders confessed… the school will hate us. My sister… will hate me. She’ll throw me out like she did with Sunset.”

Then that wouldn't be the Applejack we know. Sure she'd be furious and it'd take a long time for her to forgive and trust you again, but you should know your sister better than that AB:unsuresweetie:.

“What about Sunset?” Apple asked with a look of regret. “After everythin' that happened, I don’t blame her for hatin' me and never forgive me for this... Ah wouldn't forgive mahself.”

After you finally realized just what you did, I'm not surprised:ajsleepy:.

"Take my advice Apple Bloom, the road to forgiveness is not an easy one, you just have to take it day by day until the people you've wronged will realize that you’re truly sorry or they decided to just move on and then you can put the past behind you.” Diamond thought for a moment before adding, “Kinda like how Sunset had to go through after the fall formal with the help of your sister and her friends when she’s at her lowest point. Just a food for thought.”

Some will forgive you, some won't...either way AB, what happened won't be forgotten, even if they all forgive you and the rest of the CMC:applejackunsure:.

Diamond then turned towards the door. “I won't rat you out to your sister, Sunset Shimmer or Principal Celestia, but if I were you... I would make things right. Now if you excuse me… I need to find and apologize to my best friend from the damage you caused.”

I hope Silver Spoon will be able to forgive you DT:pinkiesad2:.

Apple Bloom just stood there for quite some time after Diamond left, digesting all the words she said to her. She let out a long sigh as she walked over to pick up the book that she tossed and then walked out into the hallway. While Apple Bloom could tell that Diamond was mad at her, she was at least trying to help her see the light... in her own way. As much as she hated to admit it, she knew that Diamond was right.

Very right, good to see she was able to break through that stubborn head of yours:ajsmug:.

And nearly becoming the very person that she hated like how Sunset Shimmer was... but worse.

Much much worse:pinkiecrazy:.

Even if her road to forgiveness would be a very long one.

A very, very, very, long one:ajsleepy:. Hopefully they'll learn from this mistake about bullying the one who bullied them...if not...I don't think I have any hope for those three:applejackunsure:.

Kudos for addressing one of the big problems in these fics. If someone realized why Sunset couldn't have done it, why didn't they bring this up to defend her or with the school facility?

I'm hoping to see a sequel involving everyones reconciliation over this with the same quality of writing. Great job.

Wanderer D

It's an interesting concept as anon-a-miss fics go. As someone else mentioned, we don't get many where someone advises any of the CMCs about what they're doing.

Writing-wise... this needs a lot of editing. Not sure if English is your first language, but there's some strange structuring in there, as well as changing tenses that sort of jump at the reader. Apple Bloom's dialogue is also inconsistent, which is important to consider, given you went for the "Ah = I" approach. The pacing feels a bit rushed and the confrontation somewhat... simple. Don't get me wrong, the message you're aiming for is understandable, but it really seems underwhelming at times.

It's like the emotional investment is degraded not by stubbornness, but outright idiocy on the part of AB. I'm reading this and I can't help but think, "she can't be this stupid". Objectively, I think the main issue is that it's clear she knows from the beginning that she's wrong, and that the whole fight with Diamond Tiara is less a confrontation with someone wanting to help her and more of an encounter with someone who is telling her what she already knows and just wants to fight back without even thinking of her own reasons.

Up until Diamond Tiara asks the question, it's basically a pointless discussion that slows down the story and feels a bit more like filler. If I were to hazard a guess, you probably tackled the question section first, then added the rest mostly for padding. Or it feels this way because of the pacing and downright obtuse idiocy being displayed by AB despite the fact that DT already caught her.

I dunno. It's okay? But you could certainly go through it and improve it.

what are anon a miss fics even was anon a muss something from a movie or episode? i never really got it

Anon-A-Miss is from an Equestria Girls comic book from years back. In a nutshell, the CMC are jealous of Sunset Shimmer spending time with their sisters, and create a new account on MyStable which they blatantly us to frame Sunset, making it look like she was the villain. Somehow, the Rainbooms grab the idiot ball and run with it, ripping Sunset's still fragile ego into confetti. The CMC then allow the thing to snowball until Anon-A-Miss has spilt secrets on nearly everybody. Things get horribly out of control, and are then resolved with tearful forgiveness for the CMC and nobody apologized to Sunset for their dishonesty, cruelty, selfishness, sadness and betrayal. The end.

thats pretty fucked up so why are they still friends then?

Easy. The comics are in a gray area and not always considered canon. So, in the animated EQ world, Anon-A-Miss never happened and everyone is friends.

still oretty fucked up tho

Can we get another chapter? I want to see how it goes down in the end. Also...

“Your mom and dad. I bet they’ll be so proud of you!”


I want to read these Anon-a-miss stories, but I want to read the original one first and I don't know which one that is. Can someone help me out?


The organization was in the IDW comics. This story gave a good cover of it, just with a different ending.

Oh ok! Thank you! I don't really read the comics that much so I thought this Anon-a-miss thing was purely a FimFic thing

Ha! That's what makes it so great for fanfiction!

Yes. Yes it is.

I thought the same thing when I saw that line too. I was expecting a "Just drive" or something similar after it

For clarification, what might be a generic Anon-A-Miss story? Taking a guess.....it's somehow making the Rainbooms even more OOC and sending Sunset into the arms of someone's fantasy ship.

A truly excellent story. Emotional, hard-hitting, and beautifully crafted. Whilst some of Diamond's speech comes across as cheap pokes (such as the remarks about Bloom's deceased parents), this is an excellent moral breakdown of the darkest piece of official EqG media. I'm excitedly following your other story to see where it is going, but best of luck in whatever you do. You deserve it.
Yours sincerely,
The Blue EM2.

Apple Bloom should perhaps take inspiration from Thomas the Tank Engine. Thomas did wrong things back in the 2nd book of the Railway Series (admittedly, nowhere near as bad as this) but ultimately went on to redeem himself by saving James' life. However, his journey to redemption was a long one, interspersed with a runaway goods train and abandoned coaches. No matter how long the road you take is, whether made of iron or paving stones, you will reach the end. It may just take an incredibly long time, especially so in my case as somebody took away all the wires again.

I hate those too, why would write anon a miss stories like that? Is there any stories where the rainbooms aren't ooc to all get out.

Different but weird.

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The infamous holiday special, retold in an entirely new way.
The Blue EM2 · 14k words  ·  80  25 · 4.3k views

Sorry, ignore the last post. Wrong story embedded.

Aside from a few grammar errors, this is an awesome one-shot story. The reformed Diamond Tiara is portrayed extremely well, and the dialogue between her and Apple Bloom is really well-written. While I was never really found the whole Anon-a-Miss storyline all that interesting, I gotta say, I am thoroughly impressed with this highly emotional one-shot and I’m looking forward to reading more stories like it. :twilightsmile:

Thank you Diamond

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