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After feeling alone and unwanted, as well as justifiably angry, Sunset makes a deal with a seemingly kind older man. He just might not be as innocent as he lets on. (Not the Sunset Shimmer demon everyone knows from the first movie.)

NOTE: While the beginning does deal with the aftermath and consequences of Anon-A-Miss, the story isn't about Anon-A-Miss. It's about Sunset and her dealing with her new circumstances.

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I love to see Sunset paired with Sci Twi and the sirens heh, or Sci Twi and some of the Shadow Bolts.
As for Sunset reacting to the Rainbooms, i think she should slap fluttershy/Rarity and slugged Apple Jack hard in the stomach, if they plead for her to go easy on the girls.

I can see them say, because they are family, and Sunset reacts like that, shouting at them what was she then a pity case, calling out Applejack on calling her family before this whole mess started. Then dumping betraying her.

Press charges no, she doesn't need to do that the families victimized can do that, the two girls who almost killed themselves and the families who children had run away because of this mess.....No no i changed my mind have Sunset press charges as well, if the others plead,and say that bull crap about them being family then yes they get charges pressed against them for sure.

Hateful ...maybe for a bit, then just ignores them, have her transfer, the school bunch of hypocrites, they sent in info and then lash out at Sunset thinking she was getting it and posting stuff they send her.
Maybe finds out a group almost planned to attack her but was stopped short?

Make the devil a good guy in this story, we've already seen enough of the evil devil stereotype. After all you don't have to be good to do good things, they just have to benefit you in some way is all.

Good devil like lucefer.

Sunset. The NUMBER 1 RULE of interacting with demonic/devil beings is: Don't sign a contract! The almost never end in the signer's favor. You are lucky this contract was of the Ghost Rider type, as those have a higher rate working out for the signer in the end.

Although in this case, those immediate benefits are making me have a serious reconsideration about following that rule. Guess my vote is for Good Devil.

Ok so...
1. The orchestra group don't get enough face time as well as Ditzy and Flash Sentry. They can be the new go to friends
2. Let her stay at CHS, she can just ignore the Rainbooms, they're obsolete at this point anyway
3. Go ahead and bring the Sirens back for befriending, she can return their gems without the insatiable hunger, allowing them to feed on other emotions outside of negativity
4. To be honest I always liked the SunDagio ship so...
5. Go ahead and keep the devil benevolent
That's pretty much all I've got for now goodluck👍

Looks promising so far. Keep the devil a good guy.

As for th Rainbooms and CMC, I hope the Rainbooms are called out for wanting their sisters to get a light punishment. I mean, forget about Sunset for a minute here: those three brats nearly caused two girls to die and definatly caused several students to run away. All so they felt like they should post those secrets online onto their little blog they started. No one forced them: They chose to do so.

Wow an anon a miss story that doesn't waste time and gets to the stuff we want to see in these type of stories

Exactly the aftermath and consequences are the best part of the story

This was unique and interesting!!! The sirens could be of help. Maybe when they feed on different emotions they get different ablites.

You should include "Anon-a-Miss" in your description so it turns up during searches.

Honestly, I can't see Sunset's friendship with the Rainbooms surviving the scene in the office. They told her she was family to them, then immediately threw her away without proof of her guilt, but they were straight off begging Sunset to help their sisters as soon as they got caught out as the real Anon-a-Miss, without even saying sorry to Sunset first. That's not a recipe for forgiveness happening any time soon.

Yay, comment reply time! If I miss replying to your comment, I'm sorry in advance and have a taco on me. 🌮

9029987 Can't really say if I will be doing any pairings yet, but if I do it will more likely just be with a single person. All of those would be great choices, so who knows. Sunset will more than likely be friends with most, if not all, of the choices on your list.

There will be shouting, a lot of shouting, and possibly some violence. Yes, I'm sure there will be violence involved. Sweet, sweet violence and release of pent up frustrations. Will there be a beat down or bloodshed? Hell no! 🤣There will be shoving, and maybe a punch or slap before all is said and done so look forward to that.

I'm still at a loss if she should press charges. There is plenty of charges piled up already and Sunset may not want to deal with them seeing that they will be suffering enough as is. I'm just not sure what to do with it if she does press charges, but they will think very carefully before they pull another stupid stunt like this again.

There are some students in this world who did try to stand up for Sunset, but Sunset was in too much pain by then to really pay much attention as to her the ones who meant the most to her had already destroyed her. And a few drops of water isn't going to do much to change the course of a raging river. The group attack thing, I do plan on using that in another story, but it will be different than the other stories using that I hope.

9030196 9030296 So many people for the good devil type, so since it is unanimous, he will be at least partly good even if not full blown saint.

9030472 Very true, and in her right state of mind she probably would never signed the contract so easily. She was pretty much manipulated into it in a way I could still make the devil be good or bad depending how things worked out. With the benefits she is getting, I would have likely seriously considered it myself. And thanks to you, and everyone else, the votes are for a good devil, so shall it be.

9030475 1. Ditzy is a must no matter what happens. I was also leaning towards Flash also, but I have to ask. When you say orchestra group, do you mean Octavia, Vinyl, Lyra and Bon Bon? Or others? I'm more than wiling to use them, just want to make sure that those are the ones you meant. I am thinking about Gilda and Trixie, I kind of like the Sunset and Gilda pairing, but they probably won't end up together in this story since I have other plans for them in another one. Then again, Featherfall by I-A-M already did a much better job that I could ever hope to for a story in that vain so I may not worry about doing one with them paired.

2. Sometimes I think they should have let Sunset have a different group of friends, so I have no problem having her ignore them and still go to CHS.

3. Could happen, I like the idea and really do like seeing friendship with Sunset and them.

4. I do enjoy the pairing, but it is something I can't make any promises on yet.

5. He will be for the story, and thanks for all of the input.

9030534 He will be good for the story thanks to all of you wanting him to be. And the Rainbooms, yeah, they will be getting chewed out for their crappy behavior. And the brats, I'm trying to decide what to do with them still, but with all of the charges piled up against them they aren't going to get off easy. I am thinking about looking at the amount of involvement each of the three had and have separate punishments of varying degrees.

9030730 9030869 I figured everyone knows Anon-A-Miss already and so many stories already did the retelling better than I ever could. So I decided that the few changes in my world will be discussed by flashbacks or in conversations or thoughts so the main plot of the story can move along.

9031051 :facehoof: Missed opportunity there, I love him, but then again I want a more serious one. I actually picked the name trying to use a less tossed around version of the devil's name, and somehow I forgot all about this guy.

9031070 I think I will be bringing them in, and could possibly use the idea, though it will be something I will have to think about and decide what to do with it. I hope that the story stays somewhat unique ad interesting as it is getting harder and harder coming up with stuff that hasn't been done before. I went through several story ideas trying to think of something kind of different and when I thought up this, the idea just wouldn't leave me alone.

9031362 I'll add it, thanks.

9031634 I agree with you, I don't really see any excuse the Rainbooms can give that would make what happened any better for Sunset or their relationship with her. They pretty much screwed up and no amount of begging is going to easily fix things. And even if Sunset does ever forgive them, I really can't see her going back to being friends like they were. There's just too much baggage either way.

Thank you everyone for your input, have some tacos! 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮

Lol i know how that is im wirteing my own anon-a-miss as well, im not planning on useing the idea on my own story.

reading this has given me an new story idea seeing as you are not take the Blue Exorcist route :twilightsmile:

I can tell that this story has a lot of potential and I like how it is going so far. I look forward to future Chapters :twilightsmile:

Yeah Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, Lyra and Bon Bon are considered the orchestra group and the shipping was just a suggestion. I'd like to see it but I won't not read the story if it doesn't happen and you're welcome

9031766 I'll have to go read it when I get done writing the next chapter, I love Anon-A-Miss stories.

9031857 Good luck on it and let me know when you write it, I love Anon-A-Miss stories.

9032371 Thanks, I have more of what I want to happen planned out now with the next thing I have to decide on is what to do about Twilight. Wondering if Sunset should put some blame on her or not. Hopefully it lives up to the potential.

9032385 Thanks, I wasn't too sure if they were the only ones. I do have more planned out now than I did, but I'm still figuring out what to do about Twilight and any pairings that may or may not happen.

Sunset is letting all who betrayed her stew in their own misery. Love it. Forgiveness needs to be earned but will she give it?

SciTwi is coming in a little earlier than expected. I figured on a little more development but ok. Having Shadow Reaper slowly merge with Sunset's own conscious mind is a nice touch. It shows adjustment and acceptance into her new... responsibilities I guess I'd call them.

Way to tell Rarity off, Sunset!

When I read Derpy's line that's what came to mind.

Or I thought she was she referencing the first Legend of Zelda game not That song:rainbowlaugh:

Ok the bit on Sunset being so hurt and upset to notice she did have supporters, that makes a lot of sense. I'm kinda torn...Part of me want to see Sunset transfer, those stupid rainbooms won't leave her alone that easy.
But if she can become friends with the Orchestra group.....

AppleJack is stubborn, but bet Granny Smith can make her leave Sunset alone, least she gets a whipping like her other granddaughter no doubt will get whens he comes home before escorted to junilive hall.

Rarity been dealt with, leaves Dash, and fluttershy, and Pinkie, she may have to hurt Dash to make her back off.

Also see the set up for Sci Twi to be brought in, but will Princess Twilight come visit soon?
Love to see how she confronts Twilight and what Twilight may say or do, will determine if they stay friends as well.

Forget the o after the t when you wrote tried to help

Nice to see derpy here, doesn't appear much in these stories does she

It's dangerous to go alone, take a friend.

“To do that Rarity, I would have to give a fuck what you have to say.” Sunset grinned, starting to walk away after delivering her parting shot, “Too bad I’m out of any to give.”

9035853 There will be a lot of stewing, plenty of spices to heat things to a boil. As for forgiveness, I'm leaning towards no, but it could always happen.

9035890 Well, she will be a part of the story kind of, but she won't meet Sunset for awhile yet or the CHS crew. And thanks, Sunset will have to fully accept her new position and Shadow before they can merge, and I fully intended to have them merge. I am thinking about some alternate paths for her.

9035900 There will be a lot more telling off before it's over with, especially in the next Sunset chapter. 😁

9035918 I found Starbomb not too long ago and I just love their music. Some of it is on the perverted side, and I don't love all of it, but the majority of it is so hard to resist laughing at.

9036055 There will be gaming, but actually I want to make Lyra and Vinyl have a bit of a more crass sense of humor while Octavia and Bon Bon will be more refined. Just have to figure out if those two pairs should be actual pairings or if they should just be close friends or family.

9036198 I hoped it would, I tried to make it look as plausible as I could though it was kind of difficult to do. I'm not too sure how things will end up with all of the girls, but the next Sunset chapter will have probably the last major Anon-A-Miss related things, though there may be an extra one or two if I decide to show each of the CMC's family situations and everything.

Yeah, though Twilight and Sunset won't meet for awhile. Princess Twilight may or may not come over, I may just have Sunset write a letter to her to smooth things over so she doesn't have to deal with her. Or I could have her come over and have a bit more drama. Not sure yet. While I have a lot more clarity on what I want to do with the story, I'm still ironing out the kinks like that.

9036228 Thanks, I fixed it. I love Derpy, so I'm more than happy to have her as part of the group. Just trying to justify adding 2 more to the group of friends, but I'm thinking with those 5 I may have more than enough as is. So far we have the Orchestra 4 and Derpy, and I kind of want to add Gilda and Trixie, but I don't really think they would mesh well with the group and it might be creating too big of a crowd if I include them.

9036761 That is one of the best Derpy memes I have ever seen! 😍 Have some tacos! 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮

9036795 🤣Loved it!


Or maybe she may never forgive them, but she will save them if they are in trouble.

So, she has a new apartment, money, and superpowers and adopted by the devil. Not bad.

9038217 Pretty much leaning to not forgiving them, but yeah, Sunset would save them if needed. And hopefully Sunset's new benefits will end up benefiting her and not making things even more complicated for her. 🌮

That little scene with Derpy was so sweet and cute! It was nice to see that Sunset wasn’t completly alone during the whole Anon-A-Miss fiasco.

Speaking of which, she should had pointed out to Rarity that one of the reasons (if not the only) the Rainbooms want her back is so she can help their sisters, even after what they did to her, and have said that if it were her being arrested and expelled, they would had celebrated it.

Aww how sweet of drepy.

Loved the latest Chapter yet again. I especially liked the one on one confrontation between Sunset and Rarity because it's not often that you see it as a one on one thing. More often it's the whole group blabbering apologies to Sunset and rarely do we see that one on one thing.
I also love how you had Sunset bring some points up that I never even thought about. They did keep on having those Slumber parties among other things and I like that. Clever thinking on your part :twilightsmile:

Although tbh I've never read the actual Comic itself XD

And an alternate meeting with Twilight Sparkle. Also, flirting. This is a SunLight fic, isn't it? Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Sunset goes to a club called LUX to relax or rock out.

So............Will Sci Twi be dating, both versions of Sunset? :pinkiehappy:

9040143 9040154 I'm not too sure yet about any pairings, Shadow is just kind of flirty at time, fun loving at others and actually demonic when needed. I really really should put a Lux in here, but not sure yet. I may have Shadow date SciTwi, but the plans right now is to have Shadow and Adagio embarrass the hell out of their friends when they become friends.

9040172 Evil but hopefully in a good way 😇


Well, at CHS, I wonder if Sunset would try to take control and bring order.

9040182 Not too sure yet, she may try and create some order or she may watch the ones who hurt her and turned on her flounder and enjoy the show. She will become friends with Derpy and the Orchestra group and help them however she can.

I vote for watching them flounder and enjoying the show

9043674 Hopefully I don't go overboard, but I think that will mostly be what she does. 😎

Actions have consequences and everyone is paying them. Apple Bloom and Applejack cost their family their farm, Sweetie Belle is costing her dad her job, and Scootaloo has lost her freedom. The Rainbooms are desperate for a second chance but Sunset has given up on them, but deep down she cares and is trying to protect them from what she has become. She made a deal with the devil, who wants a daughter, but he has ulterior motives. I think next chapter should be more or less slice of life, showing Sunset having fun and maybe a bit of foiling villains. Like the Dazzlings somehow made a deal with demons too?

Shouldn't said older man get an OC tag?

i love to see Big Mac throw into AppleJack's face on what she said on him thinking between his legs and not his head soon.
Thanks to them he lost any chance to get Sunset as a possible girlfriend and such.

Alos the Rainbooms are hypocrites, glad Sunset reminded them on how they abandoned her and would celebrated ehr being taen away, but for the others they beg and plead like pathetic fools.

9047737 They do and hopefully the consequences for the CMC and the Rainbooms seem okay. I don't want them to get a slap on the wrist and the damage done was way too much to not deserve some trouble coming their way. You are right, Sunset doesn't want to hurt them physically, at least not badly, but she more or less hates them now at worst and refusing to risk getting close to them at best. She won't help them with their troubles as long as nobody is going to be hurt or it will effect her new friends. Sounds good about the slice of life thing, but it would have to be the chapter after next as Shadow will be getting another spotlight chapter where she finishes off loose ends from the last chapter, spending a little time with her new friend, and she may learn about the dazzlings. Not too sure what I will be doing with them just yet, though I know they will end up friends with Shadow Reaper and Sunset.

9047957 I'm really not sure if there should be an OC tag as he is an established figure in religion. Then again, that might mean I actually do need a crossover tag. I'm not really sure on this which I do need if any or both.

9048054 I might have a confrontation with them soon when the sale of the farm is announced in a few chapters. It would be a good thing to to add to the confrontation between them all. And he will make sure to tell them about that little fact to and let them know how angry and disappointed he is over it.

They are hypocrites, the way they treated Sunset was horrible. I'm pretty sure most of the whole school including them would be celebrating Sunset's arrest. Hopefully they will learn from this, but not holding out a lot of hope for it.

Yeah, I think nobody's life gets truly better. Sunset has a new dad and a luxurious apartment but she pretty much sold herself to a demon. Her friends' situation is just going to get worse and someone might become desperate. It can become dangerous.

Think you meant sell the farm instead of sale the farm

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