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A sky of eternal storms that offer only lightning, never rain.

Rivers of molten rock.

The howls of unthinkable horrors in the distance.

The demon knows this is not her home, that she seeks something she cannot leave without. But she can remember so little else...

An entry in Scampy's Sunflower Shipping Contest.

Main piece by Cliff Childs. Wallflower's cutie mark vector by CloudyGlow.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 20 )

FanoMo... What the duck did I just read?

In tune with the theme of some other entries, does Demon!Wallflower need pruning?

Quite an interesting concept, does an excellent job expanding on a very simple idea in an intriguing and amusing way. The emotion of the story is a tad undercut by Wallflower’s obvious - and understandable - frustration, but that short chat with Twilight at the end makes up for it. All in all, a fun little short story.

Wasn't expecting how Wallflower would be rooted to the spot, but it definitely works. Nice story :)

A bit hard when it got published hours after I went to bed. :derpytongue2: Fortunately, Gay for Gadot had me covered.

A lovers' spat, with added dashes of self-loathing and brimstone.

Probably, but good luck getting her to sit still long enough. They eventually get her free by slicing a circle along her root system and letting gravity do the rest of the work. On the CHS side, that just left her feet raw for a while.

Yeah, I wanted some variation from the usual Sunflower hurt/comfort fic. Plus, this is a great way to take Sunset off of her pedestal in Wallflower's mind. Glad to hear I was able to balance the emotional factors.

Many thanks! And it felt symbolically appropriate for a girl who has such a hard time moving on from the past.

Forget Sunset's impulivity, Wallflower really needs to do a better job of explaining things.

I wasn't sure if this was the Multiversal Demon Sunset. This was cool!


"Twilight, if you were attracted to girls, we'd have been dating before we'd even met Timber."



Nice to know they all make it out okay.

Are there other inhabitants of the world? Well, even if there were, they seem to have pretty big zones of control, so not like these non-travellers would meet them.

Well, that was ... interesting.

I wondered if this was the same demon Sunset from your other stories, so I checked it out to see, but this is somehow even stranger. You got an interesting premise here for sure, which I think is what you do best, after all. Although, I've got to say, it feels a little... muddled? The apocalyptic landscape, the Sunset who can barely remember herself, and Wallflower rejecting her girlfriend and throwing herself into a whole other world because she's just that unhappy with her life makes it all feel like a tragedy or a horror story for the first half. But then the ending, especially everything with Midnight, kind of undermines that tone. I get that you were going for an intentional subversion, and you certainly succeeded with that, but it doesn't really have a theme anymore by the end. It sort of became just a series of events.

That isn't to say I didn't like it, though. It was an interesting series of events, I'll give you that. I'm just saying that I think it might've been stronger with a more consistent tone.

This reminds me of a joke.

"And you just assumed I was going to hell!?!"

If Wallflower were better at explaining things, they wouldn't have gotten into this mess to begin with!

Sunset's accidentally done a great job of keeping the locals away from Wallflower... not that Wallflower is defenseless herself. Sunset never saw the really big pitchers this go-around.

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Yeah, should've gotten some prereading for this one. Panic at the approaching deadline and a struggle to get the thing actually written combined to get me to shove it out the door. Well, lesson to learn.

Please forgive my lack of understanding, I really do like this story, but I didn't really get it near the end.

Edit: Nevermind then. I got it now.

Well, that was different! Both from your usual fare, and from what Sunset/Wallflower stories I've read. Hell of an interesting read, nevertheless!

Now I really wonder about Demon!Fluttershy, and the rest of the gals...

I just knew it was about Leucochloridium when you mentioned slugs. Amazes me its not used as a horror story concept more often.

Neece #16 · 1 week ago · · ·

"Weren't you basically the daughter of a god-queen?"

That explains a LOT when she gets red skin :rainbowlaugh:

Quite adorable in a clueless protagonist way, at the end. Let's hope they don't take too baby repetitions to get back home, in the end.

TCC56 #17 · 1 week ago · · ·

The demon soared through the stormwracked skies like a cardinal that remembered its ancestors were dinosaurs.

Now that is an opening line.

Really liking the pitcher plant symbolism with this - it does fit well with Wallflower's perception of herself in regards to relationships. And Sunset is very... Sunset. Yeah, that's entirely her. She's so wonderfully useless.

I'll spoiler this just in case: I've heard of going to hell and back again for someone, but this is ridiculous.

Nice one, FoME. Really enjoyed it. :pinkiesmile:

Hello there! One of the judges for Scampy's SunFlower Shipping Contest checking in for your donation choice for this submission. Which of the three charities would you like $20 donated to on your behalf?

Let's go with the Transgender Law Center.

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