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"You don't forgive someone because they need it, you forgive someone because you need it," -Asura Kraken


What if Sunset met a more youthful version of the Fenrir Brothers, what if many others had met younger versions of said brothers. It is said that time changes a person and the most obvious change is simply how they respond to situations. Nothing is more true in this case

This is basically an idea that has been plaguing me for a while now and though this is essentially an offset of my original story I hope to continue it while it persists.

Feel free to point out any grammatical errors in the chapters or give advice if you see fit.

As always I hope you enjoy the story!

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 26 )

Interesting concept for an Anon-a-Miss fic.

I'll be following this one closely.

So have a Fave, a Track, an Upvote and a Follow.

(If I'm not already, that is.)

What show or series this based off?

I'm not to sure what to say. I find it hard to root for our protagonist; irrespective of motive, he did just assault two people.

Was this to vent some sort of frustration?

None. It's just an idea I came up with while I was making Orthros.

Unfortunately yes. You'll find that in this fic that most characters are at best, gray men with good intentions.

Remember, none is without sin.

And yes it is assault, blatant assault however they are not blameless either. Remember its Rainbow Bitch who threw the first punch, and to him that's all the challenge he needs to respond with ten more.

Also keep in mind he may have taunted all he liked but until someone hit him he was all bark, angry bark but still. Just words.

In the words of a friend of mine,"it's only when ya try ta punch a barking hound in the mouth that cha' feel its bite."

Hmm. Any Anon-a-Miss that starts off with the Rainbooms; more specifically Rainbow and Applejack, getting owned is welcomed in my books.

I'll keep an eye on this nontheless.

Hey there Orrm!
Just cruising through my recommended. Nice work mate!

Keep it up ^_^

Your welcome. The compliment is appreciated.


This fills the dark emptiness for now

I'm sure the police are like:*hears who's "assaulting" girls* Nope not going there.

Correct Mon amine, let's just say they have a reputation.

The people who need to know about them know, and the people who don't know don't need to know and are not told.

Can Sunset sue anyone legally? Love to see her former employer grovel worried on being sued.

She has zero papers of identification. That does not bode well for anyone.

Dammit, well like to see hr former employee getting his rep damaged by all this when the truth is revealed.

What was taking the baker so fucking long? Did the cashier go for a quickie or something it’s one tiny fucking cupcake and- WHO THE FUCK IS SHOUTING?!

“Hey! Get out!”

Gods he could taste the arrogance in that voice.

“Yer not welcome here, Sunset!”

The thickness of that southern accent could only be rivaled by the cock she took at night.

He turned his head to the side and glared at the offending girls. One sported a light blue skin color with an athletic build and rainbow colored hair, all six colors of them. The other was just as he expected for a stereotypical southern gal. Green eyes, Stetson, cowboy boots and a strong build. Nowhere near as strong a him but it was a start. A start she would never finish. Apparently their shouting was directed at a girl with light yellow skin and red hair with yellow streaks, looked like bacon, bacon is tasty. In addition she wore an orange skirt and black leather jacket. They all looked fucking gay.

Since neither wore worker’s uniforms they most likely weren’t employees, therefore that ‘Sunset’ girl had a legal right to be here. Besides, by the looks of it, the scene seemed like a personal spat. All the same he could not have someone disturb his day any further because he was quite literally one hand away from fucking over this entire building. Then again he induced most of his rage…. damn it all, clarity and sane thought could suck him off at 5am on Sunday, time to vent!

Go right ahead.

Asura stood up from his seat and walked over to the girls’ table. Also seated on said table were a curious yellow-skinned girl with silky pink hair, beside her sat a pink-skinned girl who had poofy hot-pink hair and the last person was a white-skinned, purple haired priss whose face might as well have been a literal mask of makeup.

“Lady, if you shout one more time I’ll punch you so hard you won’t be able to swallow your boyfriend’s dick anymore,”

:pinkiegasp: Burn!

He stated his view clearly and precisely, the animosity and annoyance in his voice layered his tone and the girls stiffened as his words hit them. Then the rainbow-haired one made what may have been the worst mistake of her life. She walked right up to him and eyed him closely, practically pressing her nose against his while squinting her eyes to appear intimidating. She opened her mouth to speak but the words never came.

Asura brought his right hand from his side and threw a slap at her, she caught it with her left but before she could speak, he hit her across the face with the other hand, the blow holding so much torque her body was flung to the side while spinning perpendicularly until she crashed and slumped against a nearby wall, a large red welt forming on her cheek area and one half of her jaw appearing to be oddly loose.

They stood before him, dazed by his display until Captain Countrygirl tried to punch him. He didn’t even bother to dodge. The punch landed on flesh with a meaty yet firm ‘Thump!’ however he was unshaken. Not a single step back was taken nor did his rigid form even tremble and though he could feel pain in his chest burn like an electric fire, he paid it no mind, it wasn’t any different than what he was used to. He then returned the favor with a jab to the gut, planting the girl on the ground rolling around in agony. He then followed with a falling knee to the midsection just for ‘kicks’.

Next someone smashed a chair against his head. Keep in mind, he’d been hit on the cranium with metal pipes until they bent backwards, what would a chair do? He turned his head and stared at the shocked pink-haired girl, wearing a blank expression that screamed ,’Really?’ He grabbed a napkin holder and smashed the ceramic on her head.

:pinkiecrazy: Not so tough now are you three?

This ain't gonna end well

Understatement of the century.

You'll probably hate them for what they will do.

Ragnarok is an even that destroys the world
, all guilty and innocent and all inbetween.

And Ragnarok is the only reason the wolf Fenrir even existed.

Oh. I was meaning about how they would willing assault underage teenagers and children for their sick pleasure

Oh come on, those teenagers deserve it. (Maybe?)

Plus there's that one rule they follow that state that they will never throw the first punch.

"Punch" is a multi-meaning word in this case.

Also they are children. 14 13 12 13

Oh of course. What better way to explain 4 hyper growth tweens that have a fetish for violence and destruction then that if some bullies (who in some cases can be in the same boat as Sunset or victims of the bullies) swing first it's okay to break possibly every bone in their bodies.

Hell he threw Pinkie into a wall that crumbled around her cause she was defending herself, the shoppe, and her friends from a assaulter.

Logic? I see not

He didn't throw pinkie, he hit her on the head with a ceramic napkin holder....


And yes, like I said earlier, the idea of black and white hits the fan here. And there is logic, just not morals. Know the differance.

Forgot to say this one earlier but,
If someone calls you a monster for long enough you become one and if someone calls you a fighter for long enough the same occurs. Eventually your original goals become corroded by the tags assigned to you and the actions you perform. Eventually the reason you started becomes blurred as new sensations take root and for a while you can't help but feed them.


Eventually you will look into the mirror and through relaisation for the monster you have become you set your own path straight. Keeping some traits of course but nonetheless you move from Vandal to Vanir.

Orthros, my other story, has them interact in similar situations by which they are more voberse and witty rather than forceful and brash. The differance, age and an alternate universe.

Nine years changes alot about someone. As I work on both stories, this, you shall see.

Trust me, if justice is what you'll lkek there'll be an abundance of it. Mixed with pure sadism from Vandal, Genuine amusement from Asura, Long-ass twilight-style yet understandable lectures and wordplay from Achiles and mild amounts of comedy from Orthros.

Word of advice.

The hound Orthrus has two heads one breathes fire and the other breathes lgihtning and by prayer each may bare their wrath upon all.

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