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Time to Clear the Dust off this Place · 9:15pm September 7th

Hey everyone who still follows me LoL

Just wanted to take a quick moment to ask if anyone is still interested in this story and/or would like to see it finished?

Let me know ♥ I'd love to know your thoughts!

Thanks and take care,


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What do you mean? :duck:

Word gets around quick, don't it?

2106519 Awesome work!:pinkiehappy: Can't wait for more.:heart:

2080510 Aww :heart: Thank you so much! Gosh, that means a lot, and glad it inspired you to even think of doing something like that for it :rainbowkiss: A lot of the story is still under wraps, I'm afraid, but I did start drawing out a mini comic that takes place the "morning after" the song, if you'd like to check it out :twilightsmile: It's over at my DA page here! Thanks again for the support and I hope you enjoy the rest of what's to come :raritywink:

She got tha' voice! ;)

  • Viewing 33 - 37 of 37
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