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I enjoy writing... If I think of anything clever to say I'll update this.


Upgraded Computer · 9:45am Saturday

The lateness in posting is due heavily on the the fact that my computer stopped working. Considering that it is a pretty decent computer, the problem turned out to be a RAM issue and the video card crapping out. Grand total was $500 to replace the necessary parts. All and all I will have the next chapter up today, Oct. 14, and quite possibly the next one as well. If only to make up for the time it's taken to sort out this computer trouble.

My apologies for the wait.


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Thanks for the follow

In all honesty, I wanted to read some of the stories you plan to release in the near future. It was my general curiosity from your previous works to which I wanted to follow you, and it happened to coincide with your contest with JackRipper and friends.

Good luck in reaching your goal; I look forward to reading your stories.

Thanks for the follow. :heart: It's really appreciated.

I assume you've come from my thread in the SSPB, and would like to make an art request. If you do want me to, then go right ahead with your request. :twilightsmile:

You're quite welcome. I found Travel with Care to have an interesting premise. After reading the first chapter, I found your dialogue to be believable, original characters having substance, it has strong pacing, but my only complaint that it is only the first chapter. I won't assume to know why it has yet to be expanded upon, obviously its been a year, but I am interested to know what will happen next; if there will ever be a next chapter.

In any regard, your writing style was something I enjoyed and I followed you to see what was else you would upload in the days to come.

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