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I enjoy writing. If I think of anything clever to say I'll update this.

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Oh wow, thank you so much! I appreciate the kind words and I hope I can find some time to read your work as well :pinkiesmile:

You are most welcome. You're very talented, in regards to both writing and art. I'm interested to see more of your work and where it leads you.

I appreciate the follow, good sir, thank you :twilightsmile::heart: Fic-wise, I'm afraid I haven't updated in a while. But I am committed to creating artwork from time to time :pinkiesmile:

I followed you because, as a staff member of the Reviewer Café hearing about your positive feedback, I genuinely want to see your growth as a writer. If you're ever in need of any assistance with editing, let me know. :rainbowkiss:

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Gloom of June · 12:31am July 2nd

Just as it feels like I'm getting things together, everything falls apart again, and that I am just posting between one excuse to another. Having fixed my computer I was ready to begin the task of 'catching' up on posting, but life got in the way again. This time it was a my sister in laws niece, being only seven years old, having been diagnosed with leukemia. Needless to say that this was very abrupt and shocking to their family, but also to ours as we are very close to them. My father in

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