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I enjoy writing... If I think of anything clever to say I'll update this.


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I followed you because, as a staff member of the Reviewer Café hearing about your positive feedback, I genuinely want to see your growth as a writer. If you're ever in need of any assistance with editing, let me know. :rainbowkiss:

Thanks for the follow

In all honesty, I wanted to read some of the stories you plan to release in the near future. It was my general curiosity from your previous works to which I wanted to follow you, and it happened to coincide with your contest with JackRipper and friends.

Good luck in reaching your goal; I look forward to reading your stories.

Thanks for the follow. :heart: It's really appreciated.

I assume you've come from my thread in the SSPB, and would like to make an art request. If you do want me to, then go right ahead with your request. :twilightsmile:

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