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Really, don't have much to say, I'm not a professional far from, I just like writing and the MLP universe is a good place to base stories around


I'm not crying, it's liquid pride. · 1:31am Nov 8th, 2018

So writing Chapter 26 currently and I'm such a huge sap. Fucking.... aaahhhhhhh... well you all will see what I mean. Though.... eh nevermind, that won't be for a while, just enjoy the ride. It should be up tomorrow morning.

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Grats on becoming a father yeah

hello? its been 2 months. . . do you have any plans for 'Dawn of The Ice King'?

Your dawn of the ice king is a great story! I hope I can read more about it! Plz finish!! If you don't then I will be really sad:fluttercry:

Comment posted by mrkillwolf666 deleted Apr 16th, 2016
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