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New Story, Have To Promote Cause I'm Kind Of A Faggot · 5:03pm Jul 10th, 2013

Yeah, I just threw in a new story to the moderators called Sunflower, which is a love comedy with Celestia and my own creation. Unlike my other works, this fic is geared toward the romance side more than anything, but I still plan on having it funny. Check it out if it peaks your interest (when it's up that is).

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I used to hold hope he'd come back and finish some stories loved the writing

Well, I guess he is gone

Comment posted by RandoDude deleted Aug 7th, 2016

I thought we were going to work on that story together... but I guess it's dead.. :ajbemused:

Your trollish name belies the fact that your stories seem to actually be good. :unsuresweetie:

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