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Cool. Just PM me if you need any help writing.

Sounds like a good motive. You've got an Egyptian motif for him. And I assume your version's going to be an anthro-verse story?

im not upset if you can't add him then you can't its all right as for the origin i have most of it he start out in the east as a colt he saves a filly from getting hit by a run away cart he loses an arm but it starts to grow back and people start treating him bad and attacking him so he grows up being abused by everyone and when he turns 17 they outcast him to wander the dessert a lone he makes his way to equestria where he lands in ponyvilla

Sounds interesting. Hmm. Do you need any help with his origin? Also, are you upset that I can't fit him in? I hate letting my fans down.

  • Viewing 34 - 38 of 38
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