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A big fan to My Little Pony, Pokemon, and Danganronpa, I'm still an amateur but I promise, I'll give it my best!

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The Plan · 5:00pm January 25th

Hey guys, this is MaxTV1234 here. I'm here to discuss my fanfic to you readers alike. Right now, I'm in Penn State Behrend right now and focusing on my classes. It's difficult when working on my story here, and at my classes at the same time. And I keep getting talked to my co-writer and some readers who keeps giving me new ideas everyday. I don't want to be rude to either of them, but I'm just asking please hold back and stop asking me through messages about what things I wanna add or could be

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Thanks, but please hold it back. I rather not be pressured on how I do my stories please.

Well sure thing, I wouldn't mind if you used her. Though, she's more like a secondary character before they arrived. So...No. You can use her details that I made in my fanfic, but in case you don't know, she likes helping others, and her parents but dislikes arrogant people who thinks they're better than themselves and Mason's petty rival. Her birthday is December 13th. She's kind, passionate, and a bit of an airhead.

Is there a biography of Elena Ortega besides her physical and clothing appearance, and could I borrow her for my own perspective of MLP FIM magic with Haley Chow, my Wolfenstein OC with your consent?

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