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this is a Scootaloo story of how she gets her cutemark. there's also some Rumble X Scootaloo shipping. Rumble introduces his friend Takahata101 to Scootaloo. how will things go in this story read and find out or don't doesn't matter. I'm sorry if it's not good I only had a few days to work on it and I'm still the only one working on these stories. but it's fun so whatever. rated t for language. if you don't like it you can go somewere else i truly don't care. like it or hate it or don't read

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It was a very cute story and I really was wondering where featherweight went lol! Maybe get someone to look over your work and fix the grammer mistakes. Btw what was the mark?

You're trying too hard.

Comment posted by Black Month Willem Dafoe deleted Feb 20th, 2015

Rumble introduces his friend Takahata101 to Scootaloo.

He introduces a username?

5645367 Self insert, I should think. That's probably the author's username on something else.

Comment posted by Shocks deleted Feb 20th, 2015

5645474 5645367
Takahata101 is a guy who does voice over work for Abridged series and is in the new Dragonball game.

So it's not self-insertion, it's fellating someone the author likes.

here, I made you a sign:pinkiehappy::scootangel:

What's ponyvilli?

5645079 no i'm not try at all the begging of the story should prove that

Comment posted by Elric of Melnipony deleted Feb 20th, 2015

Why is Takahata of Team Four Star in this?:rainbowhuh:

Egad! I don't think I've ever seen a story so full of talking head syndrome. That's where you have characters just talking to each other and nothing else happens. They're not performing any other action, nothing else is happening it's just two characters talking. It's like a scene straight out of this movie:
What I'm talking about starts around the 16:00 minute mark as the two leads stand in front of green screens and talk. That's it and that is exactly what this story reminds me of.

You need descriptions. You need settings. You need actions that aren't just a couple of characters talking in inane dialogue.

5648043 to answer your question because i can

to answer everyones question i had Takahata101 in this was because i had a friend draw me an oc of him was going to put it up but now fuck no you all hate it anyway so why should i give any fucks about it. and the grammer will be fixed on my time.thank you to the 5 people who liked this story the rest i don't care about


you all hate it anyway

Yes, of course we do -- it sucks! Seriously, I was writing better at age 12, and that's despite being educated in the public school system in the state of Arkansas!

why should i give any fucks

I wasn't aware that you did to begin with. It sure doesn't look like you did.

the grammer will be fixed on my time

Fix the spelling, too, 'cause it's "grammar". You also need to fix your punctuation, capitalization, lack of descriptions, adding in a character with with a name so un-pony it's not even funny, and the fact that a huge chunk of your story is just line after line of dialogue.

And regarding the five upvotes: I suspect those people are all on drugs.

5650317 do you want a medal for that?

Good story. :heart:

5651131 That was rude. :fluttershysad:

It's what happens when children aren't properly socialized. Either he'll grow out of it, or he'll eventually end up in jail.


Oh look. A fossil from when Guardian Theater Critic was still a respectable member of the community.

Should I downvote on principle, or leave it as is because the comment was alright?

5651306 ...that's not even a Taka ponification. That's fucking Alucard.

why do people keep commenting if they didn't like the story and you who you are

5820513 i know it was just easier to have it made as alucard. but Taka does voice alucard

5821932 m.quickmeme.com/img/e2/e2f5aa6bfb9d5754ab2678075f95572c502ae22456f125bf4c7ac4aaf055af85.jpg
5821985 Well, I saw this story a while back when it was submitted to multiple badfic groups, but didn't read it because I couldn't have cared less. Now it has been submitted to my own badfic group, so I wondered why the title sounded familiar.

5821991 Yeah, he voices a LOT of people. He also, you know, has his own physical appearance. He's been on camera several times.

5820161 i just felt you were insulting me so i acted childish calling you a bitch for that i am some what sorry please accept my apology

5825741 Please get an editor and Google docs; script format is banned and this story can be removed by the mods if not re-written.

I found you off rage reviews, but I enjoyed it still :rainbowkiss:

Is this a trollfic?

"Whatever let’s go."
"Hey Soarin."

This story wasn't funny, the grammar is very off and you cannot have a story entirley made up of dialogue. You should also work on the transitioning as well.

This is like sharknado.

It gets a like for being so bad it's good.

Sequel? Prequel!?

The sequel is in the prequel!

6271029 glad you liked it and I'll have to think about a sequel or prequel

don't listen to the haters, there's a whole group of people who like stories like this.
Otherwise group pages like rage reviews wouldn't exist.

You write it I'll read it.

Give me a sharknado 2!
Or tremors 3.

So you watch movies like those?
If not watch one. :)

Keep on keeping on!

"I would love to."

The best part of the story, right here.

Holy mother of God...

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