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26 year old. [possibly] assistant manager to be at a gas station. and a gamer. all while being closet brony.

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PlayStation Network (PSN): Dibs1337

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basically, i have an account there, its Dibs1337 XD


Apologies, and Explanation. · 3:36am Apr 20th, 2023

Hello, everyone.

I do apologize for the...very long silence....BUT I HAVE RETURNED, AND HOPEFULLY I WILL HAVE THE NEXT CHAPTER POSTED SOON!!!

I feel I must state, I have never stopped the writing into the story. I lost my old notes in a major move, I was promoted, so a LOT of time went into learning the process of new role, and responsibilities, which may expand a bit more here soon, but not in a way that keeps me away now.

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Thanks for adding The Queen's Proposition to your favorites!

I'm gonna keep the names of stories I have permission for secret till they are published.
And yes I get permission before anything is done. I'm not a fan of taking "intellectual property" so to speak. If I use something it's gonna be with permission or was made TO BE FREELY USED.
I WILL give a hint "what's ____ got to __ ____ it" a fill in the blanks of the title. Might be easy to find, but I will not state if you are right or wrong. Gotta keep things suspenseful and keep people curious. >XD (add maniacal laughter here)
P.S. : story may NOT be MLP oriented or on fimfiction. C:<

What's the other story's name

update as in post a new chapter? yes, in time since it is a multi-verse chapter. need to work with the other storys writer to make sure it's doing his story justice and i'm not messing up how their character is.

Are you going to update your fic

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