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A 20 year old Brony with a good heart, loves good romance stories, sad, and adventure. Those who are friendly to others is a friend of mine. As long as you have friendship, you're never alone.

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Merry Christmas!!! · 5:54am Dec 25th, 2017

Merry Christmas Everypony! hope you all are having a wonderful holiday this year! I just want to say I'm happy to have all of you who supported me through a lot and made everything possible. It makes me happy to have you all do so much for me. Any who, if you all haven't noticed, I've been working with SonicBlitz18. he and I put a special little gift for you all on Christmas as a gift to you all. Check it out on his page! I'll leave a link at the bottom to see the story for yourselves.

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2623814 I was beginning to get a little worried there tho, i read it on fan fiction ya see, and the story got a little outta hand there, I.E tried to juggle to many characters, so i thought he’d just given up, btw, was why it taken down? Did he remove it himself?

Will if he his coming back one day can you ask him to do a chapter on dawn of friendship the fic is sooo good

I know him personally.

  • Viewing 203 - 207 of 207
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