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Helping other people out is our responsibility. And no matter what I'm gunna live by that.

Story Progress

Escaping Isolation

Prologue - 100% Done!

(Chapter 2) Barely Conscious 100% Done!

(Chapter 3) Detoxication 100% Done!

(Chapter 4) Latent Ability 100% Done!

(Chapter 5) Awkward Lunch 100% Done!

(Chapter 6) Broken Roofs and Slippy Floors 100% Done!

(Chapter 7) Train to Canterlot Pt 1 100% Done!

(Chapter 8) Train to Canterlot Pt 2 100% Done!

(Chapter 9) Just a Nightmare 100% Done!

(Chapter 10) Unforeseen Thoughts 100% Done!

(Chapter 11) ??? 60% Done


New art for an upcoming character. · 5:34pm July 3rd

Hey guys! Currently working on some art for our stoic stalker! She is currently WIP and I hope to finish her soon.

Here ya go!


The Main Character Concept. · 1:26pm May 30th

Hello lads! Just been working on what the main character looks like. As shameless as an insert can be, I couldn’t give two flyin fucks! xD

Anyways, I hope to finish it this week. I’ve just started on the next chapter. Hope you all are havin a brilliant day.


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Finally! A comment! Woo! Thank you so much! I definitely need the motivation right now, I'm currently writing the next chapter, hopefully, it should be done by tonight.

Loving your escaping isolation story so far keep it up man 👍🏻

Thank so much making my story a favorite! It really means a lot to me. If you want, please leave me a comment, or even PM me, on what you like about it. No worries if you don't. Either way, you have a good day!

No problem mate, it's fuckin boss. Keep the shit up, funny fucker you. Mr. Greyson. :)

Not really sure, I love Halo and RWBY, the comedy between both characters are also pretty funny and well written, definitely reminds me of the good old days of Red Vs Blue. Not really sure, but it's really interesting though.

Thanks for the favorite but what exactly did you like about it?

Eyyyy no problem mate!, thanks for the follow, I'll read it now. :3

chapter 4 is edited and chapter 5 is up and also edited I hope you enjoy them if you have the time also I'm going to follow you just because I can :pinkiehappy:

thank you for you time


I think it's pretty good, keep doing what your doing.

  • Viewing 37 - 46 of 46
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