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Re Write of Chapter 6 · 5:13pm Jan 26th, 2018

Rewrite of chapter 6 … more like revamp i am having a writer's block and i'm not satisfied with how this chapter is turning out i was abou 7000 words in and read it again and it was stale and stilted as well as forced it had no flow to anyone willing to give me pointers on how to make a scene pop i would be more than willing to listen.

To summarize the chapter so far which is not much in reality so here we go.

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i hope u continue your story soon

hey I just want to say I fucking hate all of you

We are now looking at each other I with binoculars you with telescope

Do you believe in sasquatch


I only listen to real music

Hey bud, just wanted to comment that your pf pic made my day!:rainbowlaugh:

thank you for the complement and thats all i can ask for also the editor in question is this dude

XIII Hearts

thank you and stay tuned for more


Not bad at all with the mistakes cleared up it make the story all that much more enjoyable, I will follow the story and if it live up to my standard I will add it to my favorite.

no prob thank you by the way for the follow first new chapter is up for my fic btw


Thanks for the follow. :ajsmug:

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