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Better than Nicholas Sparks. Probably. Probably not. Also has a thing for Queen Chrysalis. Can't Explain Why.


Season 8 animatic released, and.... · 5:40pm Sep 9th, 2017

Bug Horse Waifu has returned.

Will the mighty Queen finally be redeemed, or will she get defeated once and for all? Fingers crossed for the former, but I wouldn't put it past the show to go Sombra on her. Hope not.

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Just a well wisher here to give appreciation. Thank you for sharing your stories. The one about Harshwinny helped me get through and awful breakup.

Wherever you are, hope you're doing well.

Yo dude you still ther

Happy new year. May 2020 be a memory filled one.


Thank you for every smile your story bring me in past,present&future :raritywink:

So I don't know if you're even still active, both in this website and as part of the fandom itself but I wanted to write this regardless.

Back in early 2014 I stumbled upon your work "My new Life in Equestria" and fell in love with it almost immediately. I was heavy into the fandom and I was hungry for something such as your work to sink my teeth into. Your writing style was witty, clear and distinctive and each character fits their role perfectly. I can recall spending whole nights awake just reading chapter to chapter, very much back to back as well.

Applejack was two characters now; her show self and the one that you've crafted over several pieces of work. I wanted to say thank you for the adventure into your imagination and interpretation of the show. I wish I had said this sooner, But after drifting out of the fandom - and believing that such a writer wouldn't have the time to spare to talk with a teenager from another country - I wasn't able to.

Recently I've found myself creeping back into the fandom and it does sadden me to see that not only is the show itself ending after the 9th season comes to a close - which is a healthy run, to be honest- and to see the fandom stagnate. People moved on, and I would be hard pressed to believe that you have too.

But, even now, creeping into the close of February of 2019, I'm finding myself enjoying and loving "MNLIE". Even now after having next to nothing to do with the fandom. After finding a new interest in other things, after growing up. After finishing school, After all of that.. here I am. On a pilgrimage of sorts to this page to pay homage to someone who painted a masterpiece through the power of words.

Thank you, MaxBeezy.

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