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What I do in Fimfic at the moment (as of Dec.28,12)

At the moment I am a small-time beginning proofreader, with some little editing off the side, for a fellow user of Borsuq with his stories. If you are interested with separate crossover stories that features franchises from Pokemon, Warcraft, Naruto, and other universe, I recommend to give a look on his list and see what stories you would like.

For the moment, my "projects" are to help update Rebirth of The Dammed with its chapters that hasn't been proofread by me (as well as edited as much as I can). As well as any new work that Borsuq sends me

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can you edit a story ive been writing?

Borsuq is still waiting for that new chapter of "when the stars align"

That face has haunted me over the years of trying to get 100% on Super Meat Boy.


922805 Hey, thanks for the heads up! I'll give it a look soon enough.

Hey long comment guy,

Guess what you'll have before friday?

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