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Greetings, I am Merlos the Mad. I am a dabbler of both words and wizardry in my free time. I also invite you all to partake in my musings. Take care though, as they are the product of a madman.


Hello, I'm Mary. I'm a mother of two, married to the most wonderful man I could hope for and live what I consider to be, the life I've always wanted. So... why oh why, in the wide, wide world of whys, did this happen to me?

This is my story, for better or for worse, about how things in my life became beyond unbearable.

Author's Note
This Fic is dedicated to moms everywhere. Just saying, moms rock.

This story also runs parallel (as in it happens at the same time as) to the other stories in "The Madverse" (incrediblyvainname TM). Those stories are, A Twilight Landing, So Many Wonders, Abhorsen, as well as The Mane Two : Contrail, started by Alex Nuage, and currently being written by Ludicrous Lycan. Please enjoy the stories, you need not read them all, but doing so eventually gets you the whole picture. :pinkiesmile:

Art Work
(Not all art linked due to use in the story.)
Pulled Over by Balthasar999
'Mary and Stan's Morning' by Conicer
Mary's new Hair by Conicer
Erin from Sunflower and Mary by Conicer
Getting Dressed is hard

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Thanks from the Author

A special thanks to Everypony from the collab group, Alex Nuage, Cold Spike, Firebirdbtops, Stormy Weather and everyone else involved!

Cover Art was commissioned from the illustrious Conicer!
Art was adjusted by LordElliott

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You seem to be missing a lot of commas, it makes things really hard to comprehend sometimes. Other than that, though, it looks pretty solid. Keep it up.

So she has become a pony... and Lyra wants to believe that it's not butter.

Continue, good sir! I like it!
Her husband looks like the type of guy that would still screw her in pony form.

So far, so good. Let's see where you go.
Liked and Faved, awaiting more. :twilightsmile:

Does this mean the husband gets to have kinky pony sex?


The events in the prologue have not come to pass yet.

The mechanics of this are ROUGH, and some of your dialogue needs a lot of work, but this thing is oozing charm. Oozing! I really feel for Mary, and knowing that all of these problems are going to be small potatoes come one fateful morning...:pinkiehappy:

I got a big laugh out of this line, though:

You can't make it in this economy without an education anymore!

how is this featured with only 12 likes?

You, good sir(?), deserve a medal. :moustache:

Holy crap, it's Chuck fucking Norris.

This is super neat. I'm tracking this. Ahh, suburban America, what little tragedies you hide. Also, I plead with you to keep this story clean. If you really want to deal with the problem of intimacy, there are tasteful ways to deal with the subject.

I haven't read this, yet. However, for some reason, instead of This is my story, for better or for worse, about how things in my life became beyond unbearable. I read it as Now, this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down.

Proofread. Please. Also, too much is happening at once with very little character development or background. You need to work on your exposition to make it flow better.

Is English not your first language? Just asking. Anyways the story is great, but you might want to use commas more often.

Somepony grab the asprin.

becomes pony = attitude adjustment :pinkiehappy:

I mean shes way to up tight :pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by Bendy deleted Feb 12th, 2013

Reading for the redhead with a badass beard.

Xenophilia, between two sapient species adults is OK in my books.

2110656 Holy cow, you're right, it does match his description!

2110723 Found the song you were looking for.

please for the love of all that is holy tell me shes going to turn into a pony in the next chapter, if not thats just stupid, considering this is a site thats supposed to be dedidicated towards ponies. that being said you really should of integrated the 1st and second chapter together in my opinion. and second im curious how lyra and twilight fit into all this nonsense? considering you used 200 -300 words of the 2nd chapter to set them up as arguing. oh and one mroe thing you really should of added more of the equestria going on in the second chapter considering technically as stated this should be a pony fic site not human fic site, so im guessing that the accident or change will come next chapter?
if not i will be indeedly disapointed.
i know this comment seems harsh but in reality im just curious, cause usually authors make the first chapter the accident or change, or event becoming, or going to equestira in the first chapter not the 3rd. so im just a little dissapointed considering a rule made by knightly unless this just involves humans in equestria stories...that you tehcnically need to upload up to the point of the incident to get this story by site reviewers.
sooo yeah. i really really hope by the next chapter she becomes a pony or you might get this removed and i really dont htink fans will like that.
sorry if i sound harsh, its just that this story has potential, and it kinda doesnt make scense. that you uploaded it before the big catastrophy.

Then gave him a good thwack, with love.

When I read that, I immediately thought of Garp from One Piece and his fists of love


Good thing the 'first chapter' was a prologue.

Normally I'd feel like I would regret saying this... But hel- heck with it, It can't get any worse today.

It can't get any worse today. Incoming Murphy's Law. :trollestia:

Actually, based on that day, I'd say being mysteriously transformed into an Earth Pony would actually be a positive step forwards. Having about 10x human strength and nature empathy could possibly be useful. Worst case scenario, it's hard to wonder how it could make Mary's life worse.

*Glares at Lyra* -- This is your fault, Heartstrings. I don't know how or why but I know this is somehow going to turn out to be your fault.


Thanks for all the help with the commas guys, I know I need work on those as well as ; and the — things. I'm researching and learning as we speak!

As for chapter one I DID NOT WANT TO DO THAT.

I was forced to by the moderators who refused to post this story until it happened. Mystic was kind enough to pass it with just those 500 words. I didn't want to ruin anything so I just sort've posted what I thought was already obvious from the cover art.

Look forward to more! and soon right now

alright, you've gained a reader for now. im going to see where this goes before i favorite it of chose my thumb direction. keep it up

Kind of figured that with the rule about having to have ponies in the first chapter. Still good work so far


Thank you my Lord, the compliment coming from you carries the weight of a Chimaera bloated from a feast of defenseless farm animals!

When I first saw the cover art, I thought "So that's what can happen when you really get to 'know' Chuck Norris"

I'm really liking this story so far! No ponies yet, but can't wait for it to happpen.
Thumb up for you, sir. I'll be watching this!


Okay why all of the Chuck Norris comments, is it because I named the family Morris? Chuck's beard isn't even read, and the son is the one named Charles! Ah geez. :rainbowlaugh:

What have I wrought upon fimfic? :raritycry:

Um... right... I am simply Her Serene Majesty's humble paladin, no lordship or other titles tacked onto my name.

Hello Merlos, Norse here.
Good story, I like the pacing, the only thing I don't like is that occasionally you might wish to utilize the comma instead of the full stop.

Else, great story and I hope to see more!


*Bows* Apologies Sire I did not intend to make a comment at all dire. I simply meant to say that your word holds a lot of sway. Paladins I have often traveled with, and while you lot aren't the life of the party! A more noble companion one would be pressed to find, even with a scrying spell most hearty.

Chuck Norris can believe it's not butter

He tipped his Yuengling baseball cap

Another fan of good beer, I see! Now I'm thirsty...:rainbowwild:

Harhar, my bad,
I hope the reminder doesn't make you sad. :pinkiehappy:

Sir your gif and comment too kind, :pinkiecrazy:
I'm very glad acceptable my story you did find.

Also that gif is best gif. >.>

I'm glad to see I'm not the only person who thought of that.

Uh... right.... well I was always told to try not to argue with wizards... you lot tend to be nutter than a fruit cake and with a high alcohol content than said fruit cake.


Why sir I take offense to that and quite right I am to do so. We Wizards and arcane artisans are amongst the mightiest of the magically attuned.

Now I do not intend to threaten as I must admit I'm often with Paladins in quite the awe.
I must still warn you sir that the comparison of fruit to my kin, may just cause me to lay down the law.

Why, if those words didn't at least hold a bit of merit, I may have just gone ahead and turned you into a ferret. :pinkiecrazy:

This has my interests... I shall be watching!

You missed a golden opportunity for her life to get flipped turned upside down.


My apologies Master Wizard though you may have proven my point. Remember I am bound to service for Her Serene Majesty and ferrets are small, hard to hit with sharp teeth... and can climb very well.

well i understand what the son and his father did was wrong. heck i support her being upset. the father should have given the daughter a reasonable grounding or something herself. i know i got in trouble when i outed my dad for covering for my older sister.


Hm I think I miss the point of grounding Anna?

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