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A crossover story between My Little Marriage and Project: Sunflower. The story takes place after Chapter 30 of Project: Sunflower and before Chapter 22 of My Little Marriage. Contains minimal spoilers for both stories. Co-written by Merlos the Mad and Hoopy McGee.
Two completely different worlds, two very different women:

Mary Morris is an ordinary wife and mother who woke up as a pony one strange day. Since then, she's been struggling to retain her sanity and deal with her new body, all while hoping to find a way to change back.

Erin Olsen is part of a project to investigate the newly discovered world of Equestria. Using advanced nanotechnology, she was turned into a pony in order to better fit in with the local population.

After a test of new world-traveling technology goes wrong, these two meet up and have sandwiches.
This story is a collaboration between Hoopy McGee and Merlos the Mad.
Pre-reading, editing and general suggestions given by Ludicrous Lycan and Firebirdbtops
Original art by Conicer and modified (text and Santa hats added) by Merlos the Mad.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 147 )

Had fun helping out on this one.

You guys did a great job with it :twilightsmile:

I think Maggie needs to go back to her old job, she has clearly become insane running that madhouse,

Alright, it's up!

It was a pleasure and a lot of fun working on this with you, Hoopy. Merry Christmas.


I would like to.

I'd also like to get Priddy Pinkie in on the action, but...

This is awsome!:rainbowkiss:

:heart: love it~!!

I'd say yes, I'd like to see this continuity continue. I think it could be fun. And even if not, this was pretty amusing to me.


Not sure if unintentional or more story...


Bonus Chapters. :twilightsmile:

Hoopy likes to goof around. :rainbowwild:

That was absolutely lovely and has convinced me to stop putting of reading project sunflower.
Also, dangit you guys, stop writing awesome stuff, it distracts me from my own attempts at fanfic.

Oh, that would be funny if Erin meet Jo and Merlos's Twilight. :trollestia:

Awesome! Coolcoolcool! Um, just in passing, though, is

Alright, Mary, no more desert,

meant to mean dessert? I thought I'd ask. Thanks for writing this! You rock!:pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by ForeverFreest deleted Dec 23rd, 2013

That was hilarious, especially the stuff with Herbert.

Yes, I would like to see more of this.

Sorry, but I won't be reading this. Having "Comedy, Random, and non-canon" all in the same description turns me off just a little too much.

I am all for more of this.

And possibly ATL!Twilight meeting P:S!Twilight because that would be funny.

Pretty good! I would actually like to see this continue in some shape or form.

Minimal Spoilers. 16,000+ words. By Hoopy McGee.


Well, time to read MLM:M is a M already.

My two favorite fanfics in one, THANK YOU SANTA! :pinkiehappy:

A fun silly story. More would be awesome:rainbowdetermined2:

Awww, now Erin won't get to show her friends My Little Pony without the tablet....

the Ascent facility was pretty muc out of commission at the moment,


Though, don’t you think if I just appeared out of nowhere, I’d freak a few ponies out anyway?”

They know about teleporting by now, right? Of course, only unicorns can do so, but they'll only notice the lack of a horn after she appears.

What? Do you girls- Oh, heh, mares

Missing comma at the end.
A good story, yes! :twilightsmile: I must get to reading the second of these stories soon.


Perhaps she was implying teleporting into somepony's quiche? :trixieshiftright:

Yaaaaay, Merlos and Hoopy story! Much fun shall be had! :derpytongue2:

That is one good story I say keep them coming. :twilightsmile:

I'd love to see more of these two universes! And maybe Erin introducing the mane six to the show, good thing that Wi-Fi is still Wi-Fi, alternate universes be damned.

Aww, the fact that Erin's tablet got left behind means that the real Twilight and friends aren't going to get to do a movie night (well, full movie weekend) watching the TV series! Erin has to go back and retrieve that. I'm especially curious about their reaction to Princess Twilight Sparkle and Equestria Girls. :)

Fortunately, lost data or no, they should be able to get her back there - the chimp went to that universe too, so they can dig up the data from that run instead if need be. And retrieve that tablet!

And oh yeah, I guess it might be nice to forewarn the other world about the Black Tide. If they just nuke it the moment it touches down that should be able to deal with it, it won't have any time to spread.

I haven't read what this is crossing over with, but I like its characters enough to at least want to see a continuation of the same side-story, if not full canon integration.

great crossover

I for one would like to see more of this story. I've enjoyed what scraps you have thrown at us so far, please don't tease me with such a delectible story!

Sorry to hear that, but I understand. This sort of thing isn't going to be to everyone's taste, after all.

3673290 3672864
Thanks for the catches!

That's what happens when you hand someone the keys to travel between entire universes :twilightoops:

And saving humanity... though probably everyone at Ascent is a little bit crazy

I would love to see more of this.:pinkiehappy:

I admit it. I'm guilty. I favorited and liked this before reading it... I'm a monster....

......Shush, don't bother me. I'm reading.

How can anyone actually tolerate Herbert ? :ajbemused:

I would probably try to choke the old fuck to death after only a couple of minutes with him.

And yes, I want moar of these :pinkiehappy:



Mary would send you to your room for that potty mouth, sire. :trixieshiftright:

oh HO! That is amusing and interesting. Mary's world has magic.

Do I have to read the two stories in order to get this?

Oh god yes I want more!

She’s faster than me! How is she so much faster than me in this snow?

Those super techno power ups really are doing you a lot of good, don't they Erin? :rainbowlaugh:

I liked Herbert a lot in this! More Herbert! :pinkiehappy:

I have to wonder who's cannon is better, Pinkie Pie's or Ascent Lab's? And if Pinkie ever gets her hooves on it, will we have the Pinkster ripping her way through alternate universes to give surprise parties to other characters? Not sure if reality will hold when she gives herself a party... or a few Pinkie Pies. Actually, that's probably a very bad idea to let Pinkie Pie at the Reality Cannon. Besides, she'll mix up the confetti location again and shoot someone, in some-verse, in the face with a very large and tasty cake.

On a more detailed and unfunny note, I'm amazed the Ascent Labs tablet worked with Mary's wifi. I mean, just here, now, we've gone from A through N in a decade and now it's almost impossible to find devices that 'talk' 802.11a. Who knows what will come in the next 20 years? I was actually expecting her too hook up to ethernet off Mary's router. If there's one connection that is truly backwards compatible and found on more devices, it's ethernet. Wouldn't surprise me in the least to see a RJ45 port on that tablet. (Well, actually, it would. It's a tablet, not a laptop. Argh!)

Mmm, I guess if you're gonna go fully Scifi, I'll just assume the tablet merely reconfigured the virtual universal com port to talk 802.11g or n and went from there (given 20 years advancement in computers, I would assume such a thing will exist). Still, Herbert's gonna be steamed when he learns that all the future knowledge on it is from an alternate universe and betting on anything found therein is not a sure-bet.

But enough geeking out, that was an AWESOME crossover. I'm joining the peanut gallery here and adding my vote for more shenanigans while using the Reality Cannon.

p.s. Did Erin ever put her saddlebags back on over the dress or did she leave everything back there?


The tablet did have an A.I I think, according to Hoopy. From what I understand, she was running with the saddlebags in her teeth.

I've read both stories and I find a weird pleasure in it to read this. You may go on :coolphoto:

Hoh yes
And Sparkle needs to see those episodes.

Hoopy McGee, why are you so painfully fixed on sitcoms? First "school of hard knocks", now this... Please, please, PLEEEASEEE, make something else! Your "Project: Sunflower" and "Sunflower - Side Projects", your "The Keepers of Discord"... that was PERFECT!!! Real masterpiece! Do something like that, pleeease! :raritydespair:


Sitcoms? And... whose to say he isn't? :trixieshiftright:

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