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Twilight Sparkle has been stuck on Earth, as a human, for a while now. It wasn’t planned, but the human girl that she stays with is at least very helpful. When the stress of finding a way home gets too much for a stranded Twilight Sparkle, her friends look for a way to keep her from going crazy. A few video games won't hurt, will they?

A side story of Merlos the Mad's A Twilight Landing. It takes place just after chapter twenty-four. If you read this story by itself, most of the jokes will still make sense. This may also be considered canon.

I have been informed, that the cover Merlos found for this, is art by MegaSweet!

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Ah, the maiden voyage. She set sails at long last! Thanks for all the hard work you did sir, I'm honored you wanted to help me with my stories like this. :twilightsmile:


Side by side...

3374729 Heh, it's where they belong.


I have to say, I like Sweets' style, but it's not quiiite as good as Balthasar's.

(Left2Right: Jo, Alice, Twilight)
But then again this one was made for me specifically so I got to nitpick a little to get it perfect. :rainbowlaugh:

Man, how would she react to the Solo Story of Portal 2?

3374919 Only the Companion Cube knows.:moustache:

This is just too precious...

That cover makes it look like she's about to love video games a little TOO much.

You can probably blame MegaSweet for that one. If you've seen other artwork of his, you'll understand.


I think you might have seen the original. :twilightsmile: Balthasar999 was nice enough to adjust it for us.

if only I had not bailed on this, it would have Sega Saturn in it...

3375034 Any way you slice it, that hand is going somewhere interesting. :P

Good read, now i need to read the story this was based off of :facehoof:

Ahhh yes, the magical land of Korea...

Portal? Too Easy?

Wait till you get to Portal 2!

A lot of more things to worry about in there! Like gels and the back storyline

3375059Yeah, not quite how you are expecting it to though.....

Thank goodness we didn’t show her something like Cookie Clicker.

:fluttershbad:No no no NOOO! Keep it away! Keep it away! I lost ten days to that game last month. It is pure, unadulterated EVIL. There are no winners in Cookie Clicker. Only losers.

A lot of missing words. Many times I noticed speech that didn't have its closing quotation mark.

Oh dear lord someone actually did it. :rainbowlaugh: I mean, I guess it wasn't unexpected, but still a nice surprise. Twilight was spot-on, especially with her little sad speech to GLaDOS and the bit about wondering about sentience of different creatures. (Speaking of which, how did Twilight react to the credits?)

(By a remarkable coincidence, yesterday's Friendship is Dragons strip mentions Mario Party in the comments.)

Call in a Changeling- we need to cure this relationship through some Lov-o-suction!

I'm glad Twilight is getting the chance to broaden her horizons while she is in our world. This is certainly better than when she accidentally discovered pornography. :twilightoops::twilightsheepish: This is a worthy addition to "A Twilight Landing". :twilightsmile:

Thank you for making my night.

My own experiences with Tetris have been very similar. Once I played it for something like three hours straight, listening to repetitive music, and got an absurdly good score that I have never been able to replicate.

. . .

All of my yes.

All of it.


And now, I wish for there to be a tale of Twilight as she plays Kingdom Hearts. MAKE IT SO, MIND SLAV- -Thwack- AH FRIG WHAT THE CRA-- -Thwak

Bad Melvin! Anywho, 'twas a lovely little game. And it really would be awesome to see Twilight play that particular game series, but as I am not a writer myself, it probably won't happen. Ah well.

Anyway, best of luck!

~With regards, the Current Student of the Second True Magic.

I agree that game ruined my life, but yet I still play it, still clicking that damn cookie. Someone help me i'm slowing dying to cookie clicker.

Twilight let out a shuddering breath and fell back onto the couch with an audible pomph.

Something about this makes me uncomfortable. Not the whole story, no. The story was well-written and Twilight stays in character. This sentence is just offputting, and I can't remember exactly why... Also, Alice is quite dirty.

Good job, mate. Very enjoyable.

This is really great. I think Twilight's reactions are pretty spot on.

Kind of want to see her play Portal 2 now.

I could only wonder just how far Twilight could get in dark souls if she pushed herself. The game is literally designed to make you think outside the box. Great chapter, keep goin and stay golden^^

Nicely done :twilightsmile:

I still say that Twilight finding Minecraft would be the end of her attempts to get home.


Thank God and Celestia it didn't come to that... :twilightsheepish:

3376013 My head is so deep into the gutter that the pits of TARTARUS seem shallow, from that line. >~<

If Twilight ever learned about RPG's like final fantasy games.... she'd never put controllers down, considering how into the story of Portal she became.^_^

“Twilight, games are meant to be played, not analyzed. You’ve got to experience them for what they are.”

Hey, there's a freakin' treasure trove to analyze if you're a writer, artist, or programmer. :twilightsmile:

This was excellent. I loved how Twilight went all over-the-top anime heroine at the end of her Portal run.

It'd be interesting to see Twilight get into SRPGs. If she could get past the mild fantasy violence and the bizarre characters and dialogue, and focused purely on the micromanagement of statistics, she'd lose hundreds of hours of her life to Disgaea.

(Plus, it'd be hilarious to see her reaction to the "horse weiner" incident...)

3377106 Now that's dangerous!

:twilightoops: "There's no WAY I'm equipping that!!"

Here Twilight, this is what it means to be a gamer.

A spray of dust rose into the air as Jo blew gently on her old gaming device. It had been made by Nintendo, so anything wrong with it had just been fixed, despite sitting at the back of her closet for several years.

Ah, good times, good times...


Trope it, friend. Trope it. :twilightsmile: (I don't think tropes cover programming, but oh well.)


There are no winners in Cookie clicker. Only cookies.


3378149 tis steady
not as high as it was
but its steady

Tha made me long for Portal 3

Very relevant indeed.
I am zhe man who arranges zhe blocks...

In other words, I freaking love that song.


currently at 1.6.3 I think. I still mod the crap out of it, so I say it's still fun to play.

I kinda want to see you write about twilight playing portal 2.

Something that confused me... Somewhere in there you stated that they watched the remaining episodes of mlp. Hasn't Twilight made it clear in the other story that she is not a princess or an Alicorn? If I'm right, then that needs to be explained.

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