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This story is a sequel to Project Sunflower: Harmony

In every tale, there are unseen details. Small stories, often going unnoticed. This is a collection of those stories that relate to Project Sunflower: Harmony.

It isn't recommended to read these stories without reading the main story. Without the context provided in Project Sunflower: Harmony, it isn't likely that these chapters will make much sense.

Every chapter will have an author's note detailing where it fits in the main storyline. These chapters are intended to be optional to read, and are intended to add some depth and color to the main story.

Cover art by Genbulein

Chapters (9)
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This was a little something I whipped up as a "thank you" to my editors. In order of appearance, they are:
BP - Brilliant Point
Mad Lib - Merlos the Mad
Spotty Tomes - Ekevoo
Simple Fix - Ludicrous Lycan
Coandco helped edit, but declined to have an OC in this story.

These guys have been an amazing team of editors! They've stuck with me even through my recent writing drought, and I can't thank them enough.

Wow! More fun reading! Yes!

“Hey, BP,” Spotty Tomes said. “Hey, Mad. I see you still haven’t decided to chop of that ridiculous muzzle-moss.”


“Unless you want to try editing each others’ articles and stories again?”

ha ha

Cool, I like side stories :heart:

I hate to do this cause it's not related to the side stories above, but i just wanted to say how much I love Project: Sunflower. It's one of the best HIE/ Transformation story I've ever read. ( The best HIE story I've ever read is "A Dream That Wasn't. Shameless advertising :rainbowkiss:)

Thank you so much for making these stories and I hope the quality stays up like it always has! :moustache:

But here he was, in this quaint little town of talking, colorful ponies, absolutely sure he’d seen this place before, or at least one very much like it. Probably in a Disney movie.

Or a Hasbro cartoon

We’ll meet back and Sunflower’s place in one hour.


Unfortunately, the pony-sized portions weren’t enough for Jerry, Tom and Michelle

Ponies seem like pretty heavy eaters in the show, even if you don't count Pinkie Pie

“What sick puppy would introduce the Frozen soundtrack to these poor ponies?”

Erin is my first guess

“I’m very glad to meet you,” Jerry said. “Was it Miss Sunflower who introduced you to all those Disney songs?”


“Hey!” Rainbow barked, silencing the three of them. “Ain't you guys supposed to be working? This house isn't going to fix itself up, you know!”

Ha ha, Rainbow at her best.:rainbowwild:

One does wonder if Erin could ever get a double dozen doughnuts to go when she visits earth again.........and what she may do with pastries of mass destruction at review time.....

I've always wondered about Manehattan. It's the Equestrian city most out of sync with the rest of Equestria. Perhaps it's an "experimental city"? Or maybe, Manehattan is the city organization ponies are gravitating towards, but the Princesses are (subtly) holding the rest of the nation in check?

I very much enjoyed this. Keep up the good work.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

He decided then and there that he was going was to that bakery the very first chance he got.


“So, the everything is okay?” Moondrop asked, fidgeting a little as she did so.

Pray tell, what is 'the everything'? :duck:

Jerry seen it himself on the way up and had been momentarily fascinated by it.

I assume you meant to put 'had' in between?

I like your HiE stories, because there is context. That's why reading about Erin, and now about these guys, feels meaningful. Instead of just another "Anon ended up in Ponyville. Don't know why."

Eh. I like 'Happy Fun Time With Humans' better.

I feel like I'm missing something with the Hoofinhand Journal...

Rainbow Dash, the hypocrite. XDDD

He turned back the mayor, her aides, and Radio Wave, who were all getting up as well. “Mayor, it’s been a genuine pleasure.”

Forgetting the 'to' in between.

The rest of the humans got up out of their chairs, many of groaning and stretching out the muscles that had kinked up during the meeting.

Likewise with 'them' here.

“What sick puppy would introduce the Frozen soundtrack to these poor ponies?”

Exactly. The ponies should be listening to real songs, such as this, and this, and especially this masterpiece of the auditory arts.

“Everything is awesome!”

Faith in pony musical tastes restored.

Rainbow Dash arched an eyebrow at him. “Depends of the favor,” she said with equal parts humor and caution.

You mean 'on'?

I loved Rainbow Dash in this story.

6041892 Agreed. It sounds like a pun, but I can't tell what...

There were truly an embarrassing number of typos that slipped through this time*. Thanks for the catches!

*I feel that I should point out that it's entirely my fault those were missed, and not my editors. I made some changes before I published that they didn't have a chance to review.

6042160 6041892 I'll help with some hyphens: "The Hoof-in-hand Journal". You know, like a handshake? :derpytongue2:

At least, that's what I got from it.

Not sure how this is going to come across, but I'm looking forward to you building on this a lot more than Harmony. Your worldbuilding and slice of life work has always been the draw for me. I hope to see more to come!

6042388 I've always preferred the Sunflower-saves-the-multiverse-by-being-cute part, but it looks like we're both going to get what we want.

Dash is best hippocrite.

Get it? Hippocrite? Like ponies?

… I'll show myself out.

Awesome!, can't wait to read!

Gee, I was half expecting BP to be Boron Phosphide, with his name being hidden in plain sight.

Also, "hand-in-hand" is a phrase used occasionally to indicate holding hands, as in "They walked down the street hand-in-hand."


Pray tell, what is 'the everything'?

It makes sense as a speech which is being impacted by nervousness. She's changing what she is saying in mid-sentence from something like "so, the rooms are okay?" to "so, everything is okay?"

YOu know, three interlocking gears would jam if you tried to turn them....

This won't end well...


Yeah, I pretty much feel the same way. Harmony is great and all, but this story is like a breeze of fresh air. It's always fun to watch new cultures interacting for the first time and I can hardly wait to get more of it. And if pegasus stuff surprises these guys, just imagine how they are going to feel about much of the craziness Twilight does on daily basis. And having to install pannels on her hollowed-out, yet living tree.

And I bet that pony 'researcher' team from the first chapter will get to interact with the human team at some point not too far off ...

Man, this definitely has me more excited for more than Harmony at the moment!


I wonder if Tirek exists in this continuity? Well, they been going about "reforming" Discord lately...

like 100! This story is awesome! ^^

A new chapter of Harmony yesterday, and then this today? It's like Christmas and my birthday were on the same day!

So are these people actual diplomats or just techies?

In a diner, guessing initials. I see you there, Bebop reference.


Not necessarily. "Three interlocking gears" could just mean a three-gear train as in this illustration.

For the colonization of zebra territory, some scientists might wonder if en-utero exposure to Equestria’s magical field will cause humans born in Equestria to be passively part of the magical field (like donkeys and mules).

If one of the humans in Ponyville got pregnant, the program director might ask her to gestate and birth the child in Equestria to see if future humans living in zebra territory will have extra difficulties. While it might not seem fair to put so much pressure on her, its better they find out now under controlled circumstances rather than waiting until colonists show up.

For the wounded soldier being transformed into a human-unicorn hybrid using Lyra as a template, the existence of a human who is “naturally” part of Equestria’s magical field would give them a baseline on how to identify and isolate the powers of unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies.

Plus, being the mother to the first human born in Equestria would make her an instant celebrity.

6044269 Speaking as somebody who knows how government works, the first thing that would happen to the expectant mother would be a stunningly-rapid trip back to Earth, followed by an endless chewing out by countless superiors, constant medical monitoring to ensure the project had not endangered the life of the employee or the child, followed by certain termination of the employee's contract.

Of course, they would write a book and go on the lecture circuit, but odds are they would never be permitted back to Equestria.

Got to say, I fricking love this.
6042388 and
6042919 aren't the only ones who prefer your slice-of-life chapters but at least for me that's for two reasons:
1) I prefer slice-of-life in general
2) You just write it so damn well

Why do I get the feeling that Pinkie visits Bon-Bon every once in a while and annoys her by singing The Candymare can~

This is awesome :pinkiehappy:!

I love that Project Sunflower is moving ahead with the plot line, but these slice of life scenes are really what made me fall in love with the story in the first place. I hope to see more of them in the future!

Welp, looks like I have another thing to track

I think I preferred ‘The Crossworlds Journal’ to what they ended up deciding on. Feels more serious and less cutesy.

6043291 Well it was my birthday about a week ago, soooo close enough:pinkiehappy:

A few seconds later, Tom’s head popped up over the side of the roof like a sunrise with male pattern baldness.

That was my cheap laugh for the day. :rainbowlaugh:

Dammit, McGee, yet ANOTHER story I have to put on my favorites! You're just trying to monoplize the list, aren't you?! :flutterrage:

(...not that I mind if you are. :yay:)

That doesn't make any sense in the context of this story, because there is already a growing human settlement in Zebrica.

Military recruits had always made perfect "experimental subjects" for the U.S. gov't. They would ofc closely monitor the pregnant recruit, so that they can predict what would eventually happen to the civilian human settlement. The recruit can't exactly say no, because it's either "volunteer for the good of humanity" or dishonourable discharge.

Picture the crew from Michael Bay's Armageddon. Except instead of blowing up an asteroid from hell and chewing bubblegum, they're patching up a pony's roof. And the bubblegum has been confiscated.

That's disturbingly appropriate for this guy.

Serious? This is Equestria!!!

(I'm only slightly ashamed.)

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