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Expat in Singapore. I finally registered for the story "Pericynthion", a masterful crossover of MLP/ Ender's Game.

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Lover your avatar....

Hmm, millennial mindset. Or at least the stereotype of it. "I am special. I want instant approval. I don't have the patience nor the endurance to scale that mountain called Hard-Earned Wisdom/ Deserved Redemption. I already said I'm sorry why are y'all still on my case."

It is nice to learn I'm not the only Sunset fan who doesn't want her kept in a safe zone away from any meaningful character development. Cheers.


Thx for the honest reviews on that xenophilia story. I suspected basically everything you mentioned of the story and now I don't have to waste time reading drivel. Looking at when it was published I guess it must have been thought of as pretty original at the time, however since I got into map as of late 2014 I pretty much figured out the premis of human/pony pretty quickly, thx Star Trek

  • Viewing 6 - 10 of 10
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