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Do you like watching theories about MLP or making some of your own? Do you like YouTubers like RLYoshi or The Brony Notion?

Welcome to FiMTheory, the group where we over-analyze shows about magical talking rainbow horses targeted towards little girls and why middle aged men "clop" to them.
And yes, we also will post episode analysis videos like Silver Quill's

(okay, that was a movie analysis but it still counts, right?)
And of course, examples I've listed are only a small fraction of the others that are out there.

Well, your main question may be this:

What do we do here?

And to answer it simply, we will answer this with this thread: Purpose.

Feel free to use the Forums to post theories and whatnot, but remember these rules:

1. Respect one another.
2. Do not make troll theories, or theories that were only made to gain some sort of negative reaction.
3. Discussion threads on topics about MLP, stories, canon, fanon, and theories are allowed. Any off topic threads should be kept away from here and posted within Off Topic, I mean... other groups.:twilightblush:
4. Use the folders correctly, please.

Thank you, I don't ask for much, but what I do ask is that we keep these rules. Thanks again.:twilightsmile:


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Welcome to FIMtheory. The smartest show in MLP.

But hey... That's just a theory! A FIM THEORY!! Thanks for watching!:raritywink:

lol, Cupcakes:pinkiecrazy:

The show in general, and Cupcakes.:twilightsmile:

What'd you guys talk about?:rainbowkiss:

Pretty awesome, me and my brother got to talk to him for about 10 minutes in line.

How was it?:pinkiegasp::yay:

Fun fact, I actually met RLYoshi at Bronycon! :twilightsmile:

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