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Eyes Over Heaven

To everyone I didn't hate on here: Blame Damien Darkside and TheWrestleGuy. Okay see you all soonish.


"Will my stream ever be good?" A text flowchart for people who want to be Twitch famous. · 3:33am Apr 14th, 2016

1. Do you plan on ranting about social justice warriors and feminazis?
A. Yes. (Go to 2)
B. No. (Go to 3)

2. Is your moderation team composed of easily offended cum dumpsters?
A. Yes (Go to 5)
B. N-no? (Yeah right. Go to 5)

3. How active is your moderation team?
A. They'll stop all evil trolls and flamers! (GO TO 5 AND NEVER TALK TO ME OR MY SON AGAIN.)
B. Moderation...team? I don't even have one mod! (Go to 4)

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[It Ain't Me starts playing]

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Hello Friend, checking in on you too see how things are doing. I have decided to start reaching out to my followers and just socializing with them! This is because all of you are just amazing to me. So with that being said ... how are you doing? Hehe


It's funny how people who praise authority figures are usually the ones who were beaten into submission by them.

Food for thought if you like posting Youtube videos...

2163576 And that means a lot to me. Thanks again! :pinkiehappy:

2163492 I'm faving almost all the stories of yours I read, man.

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