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It's been a long time since Trixie Lulamoon could call herself "Great and Powerful". After her humiliation at Ponyville, she searched far and wide across Equestria, looking for some way to restore her reputation and shore up her pride.

Lucky for her, Princess Luna has decided to re-open a very special division of the Guard: The Dreamguard. Trixie was only one of many to apply, but she was the very first to be accepted. Now she has a roof over her head, three square meals a day, and lessons in dreamwalking taught to her by the Princess of the Night, herself!

As far as Trixie is concerned, life couldn't be better. But the Dreamrealms have wonders and dangers all their own.

A side-story to Project Sunflower: Harmony, though no prior reading should be needed to read this story.

Cover art: Trixie vs Ursa Major by Korcika, used with permission.

Editorial poking and prodding provided by Razalon the Lizardman, Coandco, BrilliantPoint and Ekevoo, listed in no particular order.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 154 )

I think we've been long waiting for that particular side story; rejoice! It as finally arrived!

Tracking beacon activated.

“Here is the place where dreams lie...."

You know, that can be taken two ways.

Hmm... this looks interesting.

Yay it dropped. Glad to see it out on the ol' fimfic finally.

I saw this and I got super excited cuz I justfnished up chapter 15 of

Pride can be useful if it motivates. But Trixie is going to have to be careful, she has it in spades. I'm enjoying this adventure into the dreamrelms. :)


I love your characterization of Trixie. Fun, interesting worldbuilding.

Keep it up! You're doing really well! ^-^

Such an interesting guide of the oniric
Glad to have you back Hoopy. Sad to hear that you have joined us in the depression club

It's like a dream come true! ...But without the avocados!

(Trivia time: Avocados--especially the skin and seed--can be toxic to equines > :twilightsmile:


Actually, I've never read that one. It's going straight into my read-later list, though!

This is a cool depiction of the Dreamrealm can't wait for more!:pinkiehappy:
Oops! I spelled that mare first time!:rainbowlaugh:


Trixie's got some serious pride issues that need addressing. She's driven to succeed at whatever she puts her mind to, and that's great, but she can't stand not being the best among her peers.
She has to get over that, but I hope she doesn't get hurt too badly in the process.

did some research, and -thus far- it seems that whether or not trixie can trust the puka is up for grabs, but it's highly likely that she can as puka are often portrayed as not being entirely malevolent beings that are highly unlikely to harm those that come across them (the closest things i found in my research was a "wild ride" but that was only given to those who thought it was a good idea to ride their equine forms (they're shapeshifters btw) who knows, there might even be a puka x trixie ship in the future)(they even having their own version of the "shoemaker's elves" tale)

"Mae'r dyffryn breuddwydion" is seemingly welsh for "the valley of dreams"

and "draum" is icelandic for "dream", but i have very little idea what "weyr" could be. . . the closest thing i came across was something to do with the "dragonrider" series (i think) being a term for a specific group of dragons or something, but my best guess has to be something to do with "weave" (with the opening of the chapter going into what it did, i'm guessing that this "draumweyr" is an "embrasure" of some sort.)

8087932 I'm guessing that weyr is related to weir, which can be a protected pool in a stream, or more accurately, the low dam which creates such pools. Usually as a trap for fishing, although loggers and other users of shallow streams will build weirs to create navigable passages out of stretches which aren't quite there. Or as storage for logs before flood season.

Finally got around to reading this, and loving it already. Something about dreams just work so well in MLP fiction.

Glad to see more writing from you too, Hoopy.

So, where's the alternate universe tag? Because Trixie, apparently, only visited Ponyville once.

A weyr is a creature's home, or place of safety.

Amazing how easily Welsh can be used as a stand-in for an alien language, isn't it?

Such silliness aside, this happens to be a rather interesting story indeed, and I'll keep it on watch for now. I'd really like to see what other fey and such you integrate.

Blue, huh? Who wants to bet that's Luna's pet or Luna in disguise?

"No fairy is more feared in Ireland than the pooka. This may be because it is always out and about after nightfall, creating harm and mischief, and because it can assume a variety of terrifying forms."

Celestia damn it, Trixie.

Failure, she knew, was not going to be an option.

I say nay to that!

i'd bet if Trixie attempted to make her space like her wagon she'd find it a lot easier, go with the familiar.

it seems that puka are known for leading people away from harm so we shall see how this goes.

8089308 The pooka can be helpful or harmful in Irish mythology, but it's usually only helpful if you do something for it.

Additionally, since Lucid Dreamer said that things take up residence in abandoned embrasures, having Puka say that it's his 'found place' probably isn't a good sign.

Gloaming means twilight, by the way. I'll bet Trixie will be thrilled when she finds that out.

This is grabbing my attention. It is time to read - but slowly, so as to savour it.

I actually want Trixie to start disliking Smidgen, and I feel like some signs are already appearing of an unstable friendship due to her success :applejackconfused:

So, the dream realms aren't some homogeneous space, they're complex and have different areas that work in different ways. That's really interesting.

I myself am left to wonder what it was in Trixie's youth that's made her so desperate to be the very best, like no one ever was.


Depending on the version of the myth, they also bring good luck and lead folks away from harm. Seems to be dependant on the person and that person's, "quality."

Trixie's pride and jealousy are going to get her into so much trouble. Kind of reminds me of Luna's somewhat checkered past.

8087932 Excellent analysis, that feels like a really good guess about the nature of the Draumweyr.

Ah, the puka. As I interpret them, they will never lead you into danger... that you cannot handle.

For those interested(like me), the interactions between Trixie and Twilight can be found in chapter 15 of Project Sunflower: Harmony. They're pretty funny, in my opinion, and definitely worth reading.


Oh, this one seems benevolent, not quite harmful in an active way. I suppose. As long as you treat one with repect and kindness i think. Fae do take debts of gratitude and obligation very seriously. You think that has to do with their age?

the first creature you meet in a dreamworld on a path that is known to have malicious fey ... and you just follow it to a place you've never been? After you've worn yourself out training? After you've said you've worn yourself out training out loud? After you've admitted you don't know how to fight?

Trixie is a special kind of stupid tonight.

Trixie, you have followed your foolish vanity into the depths of Adobe Software's Dreamweaver product line! Run away NOW, before their overpriced, crash-prone, and unstable bloatware devours you!

Oh, wait... that's Real world stuff...

Right then. Let's see, Trixie's in a place called the "Valley of Dreams," and one of the worst places is the Vale of Echoes.
Surely there could be no link between the two.


Took her long enough to figure it out. Hopefully it's not already too late.

Puka reminds me of a demon from Dragon Age. She probably honestly believes that this is a fair exchange...

Rule no. 16: Anything new or undiscovered from Hoopy, Bookish, SS&E, and Harmony Pie are instantly faved and marked, before even reading.

Not done reading yet, but it looks great so far. Lots of atmosphere. Trixie's struggle with her resentment is fun because she's still master of herself and is keeping it mostly under control.

This will not end well.

one of the things she was most proud of was the fact that she wasn’t an idiot.


“Puka can hold them for a time.”

Oh. Oh no. There is no joy at the end of this road. I don't think Puka's hostile anymore, but she might be soon on accident.

It's almost pitiable the way Puka describes itself. Not real enough to understand, but real enough to want.

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