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Different CMC Cutie Mark Concept · 1:13am November 4th

I know I'm rather late to the party of talking about this. But having some time to think while relaxing, I started to think on what would happen if the CMC didn't get their cutie marks at the same time. I've actually noticed some old episodes that could've been the peaking point to one of the CMC.

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Same. I just LOVE the story "Wolf Child"

Hey, just wanted to remind you that "wolf child" your most up-voted story, is lying their, sitting on a cliffhanger for two years now, where their once was life, now there's just a cold, lifeless corpse! Your can revive it! All it takes is a little time each week! I wouldn't care if you updated it annually! As long as SOMTHING was happening... pleaaasssseeee

Was going through stories i wrote, since i finally started to update them, and was looking at comments when i saw yours. I remember that you partly inspired me to write that story after having read one of yours. Thanks for that!

Thanks for the watch!

  • Viewing 106 - 110 of 110
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