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(Story Cancelled - I might write a new one with the same premise once I'm finished with my other projects.)

After being "killed" by Head Warden Magellan, Bon Kurei finds himself in Equestria.
How will the world's campiest shapeshifter cope with this strange place and its inhabitants?
How will the rest of the world cope with HIM?
A tale of friendship, fighting, and cross-dressing. No, seriously, there's an awful lot of cross-dressing involved.

A One Piece / MLP crossover.

My very first fanfic, also my first story written in English. Do tell me if you can see any amelioration that could be made, I would happily learn from my mistakes :p

Rated Teen because awesomeness is volatile. Also, cross-dressing.

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I have to read this on principle but
Dear god man i haven't read one word and i cant stop laughing


Yes... just oh my gold... yes. You win it all, here take my V-Watch, and be a hero.


I love that guy like a toaster struddle!:pinkiehappy: I fav this and APPROVE THIS!

608682 Kurei = Japanese pronunciation of Clay

Other than that, I'm reading this fic :pinkiehappy:

608779 Correction: Japanese trying to garble out the english word "Bon Clay"

608802 Oh indeed. Thanks :pinkiehappy:

Also, fancy meeting you here :ajsmug:

608812 Fancy indeed, sorry about the whole lack of updates n' general silence.

Had to sort out the various thoughts running around in my dome.

608819 Meh, I just finished my fic today, and I've been pretty occupied myself. Nice to see you again :pinkiesmile:

On a side note, Bon Kurei's death is no longer canon. Read the bottom of the picture to see why. On another note, canon has never stopped fan fiction, and by Celestia's mane, I don't want it to. I'm reading the next part with gusto, my friend. I like where this is going. :pinkiehappy:


608831 OH DEAR LORD!!:fluttershbad: DON'T EVEN JOKE ABOUT PUTTING THAT THING IN MLP.:pinkiegasp: Just no.:pinkiesick:

Nice job so far. I can't wait to see where this ends up going, let alone how Rarity will react to seeing him.:pinkiehappy:

*manly tears*

I loved his character. Emporio Ivankoff Totally made me lose a week's worth of sleep...but he was cool.

On a side note, now that he isn't dead, I am so freakin' happy. Even though he might not show up again, knowing he not only survived, but is thriving in the paradise he craved.

People underestimate One Piece. People also underestimate ponies.

Two fan bases that should merge and take over the world. They really should.

Because who could stand up to this?

Thanks everyone for this...Wow. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME xD

I didn't actually expect this to get this much of a reaction, you startled me! :pinkiegasp:
I would have expected at best a dozen comments, mostly complaints about my butchering of the English language...:twilightsheepish:

So, to answer a few questions :

608682 It was supposed to be Bon Kurei, after a traditional japanese Holiday, but early translations turned it into Bon Clay, which fits too. I'm more used to Bon Kurei, but I can switch to Bon Clay if people get confused ^^'

608831 ...No I'm not summoning that THING to Equestria. But that doesn't mean we won't hear about him... HEEHAW !

608864 I KNOW! IT'S AWESOME ISN'T IT?! It's actually the reason why I wrote this fic in the first place :p

608942 Thank you I'll put it next to my other Internets and my Godwin points.

609014 Come on guys, don't spoil yourself xD

610147 Thank you! And you are right, Bon Kurei is best PONY (wink wink). Nyahaha!

Can I just say how epic a One Piece crossover with this fandom is?:trixieshiftright: CAUSE IT IS, SUCKAS!!!!!!:rainbowwild::pinkiehappy::yay::twilightsmile::ajsmug::raritywink::trollestia::moustache::heart:

I do love MLP and One Piece crossovers, but i find this fic even so much more interesting when it's about a character you would not normally write about in a crossover, and Bon Clay in Equestria is what i would could a truley original idea!

Can't wait for the next chapter.

I just can't wait to see what will happen next!


That would have been a bit lame to kill him now, right? xD
Although, knowing is penchant for heroic sacrifices, who knows how long he will survives? I don't. Yet.

just relized Bon Kuri is a changling..............:applejackunsure:

608864 I know when i saw that i was so happy

And it is so, that Bentham remains best pony. :moustache:

I miss Bon Kurei, that amazing, amazing okama. I hope he returns in the One Piece story at some point, he's an awesome character.

Also: That scene with the hostages.... :rainbowlaugh:

623780 Thanks, I was wondering if it wasn't too much :p
Now I know I won't have to restrain my fucked-up imagination \o/

Two words: Welcome. Party.

Looking down at her knew “friend”, her smile faded.
should say new i think

1401893 It's in the actual lyrics of the "Okama Way" song. He sings alternatively "Okama Way" and "Oh Come My Way"... I guess it's where the dub's name came from.

these three usual foalsitter

Should be "three's"

there wasn’t any carrot

Should be "weren't any carrots"

take care of them now.” said Rarity.

The period after "now" should be a comma, and this isn't the only instance of this error. Dialogue rules are confusing, you may want to review them

put Rarity into catharsis.

That word doesn't mean what you seem to think it means

wouldn't take the risk to make something this big appears

This sounds kinda clunky to me; might I suggest "wouldn't risk making something that big"? Also, "appears" should be "appear"

she didn’t reached

Should be "reach"

ride worth of a Prin- Duchess.

Either "a ride worth a Prin - Duchess" or "a ride worthy of" one (I'd use the latter, personally)

she really needed to thanks Derpy

Should be "thank"

I know an unicorn

I think "one" (italics included) would do better here than "an," and even if you think otherwise, words like "unicorn" are typically preceded by "a" rather than "an"

ya did good kid the rewrite is better

:trixieshiftright: I am interested, and i never watched more than three episodes of one piece! Seems pretty good though.

Why did we go from "about to die" to "has already screwed up job"

1546356 rewrite? You mean I missed the original by two hours!?!:flutterrage:

Honestly... I'm not that interrested in the omake, as i'm in the actual story.
Good chapter though, and again you were in the feature box.

I was trying to clop when I saw the cover image.

I'm still going to read that image...but you ruined my plans, sir.

I may never forgive you.

1568491 Well, the omakes are part of the story, just some parts that I didn't feel like writing in the middle of a chapter (like a long winded explanation, a crack-y joke, or some funny trivia)

1568505 Errr...Sorry. I guess I can understand your pain. But it could have been worse!
...I could have send Charlotte Culhorne in Equestria, for example.

1568545 That would have been less damaging. Also, liking the story so far!

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