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I haven't been reading for a while, but I hope you're all doing as well as possible under the circumstances · 11:20am Dec 6th, 2021

As title.

I could be doing better, but I could also be doing a lot worse. Take care of yourselves if you can.

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I suspect in this case, it was because I'd elected to comment as a reply to one person, then decided to include both replies in the one post by copying and pasting the referral link from a blank reply to add it to the comment I was editing.

Well, I'd most definitelly have remembered if I'd gotten notified of your comment. :twilightoops:

Truth be told, I'm fairly sure I did get the notification; but the heads-up was still appreciated.

You're welcome! Now, if fimfiction could fix this bug pertaining to getting informed of someone replying to an older comment... :ajbemused:

Even when posting on the same chapter, if the comment you're replying to is on another page, like, say, for a one-chapter story popular enough to gather 50+ comments in a short period of time, then your replies to people on "page 1" will go unnoticed. :ajbemused:

  • Viewing 18 - 22 of 22
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