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Scattered detritus of a story I dreamed · 12:15am Sep 28th, 2020


Spit's End
A dwindling settlement located at the furthest reach of a stretch of sand, dunes, and salt marsh extending out from Saddle Arabia, thought of by the locals as where beings end up when they're so destitute they've even ran out of spit.
While Saddle Arabians are known for their persistence and hardheadedness, the residents of Spit's End tend more towards stoicism and apathy.

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I suspect in this case, it was because I'd elected to comment as a reply to one person, then decided to include both replies in the one post by copying and pasting the referral link from a blank reply to add it to the comment I was editing.

Well, I'd most definitelly have remembered if I'd gotten notified of your comment. :twilightoops:

Truth be told, I'm fairly sure I did get the notification; but the heads-up was still appreciated.

You're welcome! Now, if fimfiction could fix this bug pertaining to getting informed of someone replying to an older comment... :ajbemused:

Even when posting on the same chapter, if the comment you're replying to is on another page, like, say, for a one-chapter story popular enough to gather 50+ comments in a short period of time, then your replies to people on "page 1" will go unnoticed. :ajbemused:

Thanks for the heads-up!

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