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Ted Valiant has been running the Valiant and Valiant detective agency on his own since his father Eddie passed away. When Twilight Sparkle, one of the stars of the hit show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, goes missing, the studio calls Ted to find their missing actress.

Crossover with Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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Oh, genius. I never thought of this crossover. (and Tara Strong doing voicework on Ted only adds to it)


It's been in my head for a while... finally decided to sit down and write the thing!

I really liked this. This was nice.

Crossover with Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Crossover with Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Crossover with Who Framed Roger Rabbit

GENIUS!!! Omg there are so many ways to play with this in the MLP fanfics... From Rodger going to the MLP world to there entire world being an area of Toontown....


Thanks for the catch, and corrected!


Yeah, it's a gold mine of ideas :twilightsmile:

I wouldn't be surprised if someone else has done it already, but I can't recall any stories that did. I sure wouldn't mind writing more stories in this setting!

I have to agree: this crossover is genius. If a sequel to that movie was ever made, Twilight could actually appear in a cameo. Assuming Disney and Hasbro can work out the licensing. And problems like that is one of the reasons no sequel ever was made. Oh well.

There's also a real town called Harmony on the coast, population 18, about half-way between L.A. and S.F.

A fun read, though the mental gymnastics I am having to pull to get character ages and certain lore/history to line up is making my head spin. I inquired about some stuff in the comments of your blog post about this.

But beyond that, I enjoyed this and feel it is a great tribute to Bob Hoskins. :twilightsmile:

This is going to be nothing short of an absolute pleasure to read, and it is an experience I'm looking forward to; this shall be saved for a rainy day...

A cross-over with Who Framed Roger Rabbit!
I had been wainting for this!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

Beautiful. Makes me want to read more self-contained fics in the setting.

What a lovely crossover! :twilightsmile: Honestly, it was really hard not to imagine this playing out in my head.

This, my good sir, is a gold mine for fics!
I would love to see more one-shots about this particular premise.
Stories about unlikely friendships, and maybe feuds with other toons!


Omg I almost forgot!
What about the Equestria girls characters? Are they different entities or are somehow costumes for the ponies to wear or do they have to be redrawn every time they make a movie?

This story was a lot of fun. Any chance of a sequel?


:pinkiehappy: This. Is. AMAZING!! I love the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", and reading this was even better! This should be a mini-film!

Very impressive. Short, sweet, and to the point. Also:

Toons tend to play themselves, with very little acting required. But that doesn't stop them from having darker sides to their personality, a fact I discovered the hard way back during the Darla Dimple incident.


I'm on one of the most popular TV shows currently on the air.I get fan letters, can you believe it?

You're missing a space here.

I haven't seen the other side of this crossover, but now I think I should look it up. Twilight got off lightly when it comes to being redrawn; she even had a story explaining it.

Gotta say this was a fun little story and a unique take on Twilight's reaction of her Alicornification. I think it might be interesting if Twilight found her friends actually knew more about what she was going though than she thought, some having be redrawn too. When Lauren first pitched the show Pinkie was originally Surprise the Pegasus, Fluttershy was Poise the Earth Pony and Moondancer was the hero. How would she react knowing her friends got redrawn BEFORE the show even started, or a minor character originally had her role?

This. I want much more of this.

Beautiful story:twilightsmile:

Doop doop doo... skaba-do, bap. Gah, there's no new realms on the radar. Hmph. Oh. Oooh , is that what I... *gasp* Verb! Reverb, get up here!

*Bing* "What?"

Do you see that signature? Check the specs.

"Looking now. Oh my word..."

I know, right?! We've found it! Get Intervention down there, we've gotta establish links. Those Toons could help us with so much. Hey, Hoopy! Remember me? Used to be RadioMactive back in the day. Not anymore!

" He shares the space with me. We work together."

Anyway, Hoopy, when, not if, but when you see this, start working on a sequel or a continuation, would ya? My job is to link words together and have them mingle and be better for it. The more you open up, the more we can link. You'll be doing a lot of good doing so. But if by the Maker laws you can't, don't force it. I'd ask permission to do it myself, but I couldn't do it like you do! And where's the CMAA sequel? I wish you well, but get your head in the game, man!

Someone's poined out the Darla Dimple timing error, but couldnt it refer to the 90s when the CDD movie came out and when she would have been created for it, giving the detective a reason why his offhand reference to the incident sounds like personal memory? -as opposed to having her actually around in Toontown since 1939...

Oh dear, now I really, really want to see more of this kind of crossover.

Edit: Seriously, I hope this isn't where this completely ends, I would love to see more of this particular world.

In retrospect I'm really surprised no one's ever explored this before. Well done.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit was one of my favorite movies I ever wanted to world-build about. The setting had so much potential and the possibilities for crossovers with every damn show under the sun! So this is kind of an awesome thing for me to read. :D

And that was short, sweet, but adorable. And let me say I hope you do more with this, Hoopy. :pinkiehappy:

This is brilliant! I need more, so get flicking. Get flicking what? Get flicking on with it.

This was pretty good! I could see so much potential in this kind of universe it takes place in. Excellent job.

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Dude, this is art. There needs to be more of it. If you decide to do more I'd be appreciative and offer any and all support I can. If not, I hope someone else picks up on the gold you've got here. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the great work. Deus tecum.

This is great.
I realize it has been imagined as a one-shot, but you should consider expanding it!

I would assume Eddie named his son (this Teddy) after his deceased brother.

That's a nice fanfic! Favourited.
Next, how about the 6 pony toons joining a ride along with a cop, a bunny and a duck searching for a blue ape? Just suggesting.

damn, this is a badass story !

I'll admit that I had pretty high expectations going into this, Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a childhood favorite of mine.
And you nailed it.
If you ever decide to write another crossover with that world I'd be delighted to read it.

Well, that was a nice read, although I have to say, I like it more for the concept of it than for the execution. In the latter sense, I honestly found it a bit disappointing. Teddy is called and then he does five minutes of investigating and then he finds her, done. We never even get to see him talk to the other pony characters. It was well-written in a stylistic sense, but as a story, it doesn't really seem to do its idea justice.

Now, if you spin this as the prelude to a longer story featuring the same characters and setting, I'm sure I'd read it.

7173259 Seconded. This world has a lot of room to play in, and you can do damn near whatever you like with it

Wow, this really took me back in time. Thank you for making this fanfic. I really enjoyed this a lot.

Very nice... this really works. And Twilight's in character. The redrawing being awful is a nice touch really.
Well done.

7172803 Ditto - I was really confused, as I didn't understand the world building of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, haha

I consider myself above average when it comes to animation history and trivia, but I have to admit I was blindsided by that Betty Boop anecdote.

Very well written. My only real complaint was that this seemed a bit quick even for an open and shut case, but it was rather sweet seeing this type of PI story where the 'victim' didn't turn up in twenty different evidence bags but instead just needed to clear her head for a bit.

I do think it is more then fine on its own merits, though, but I do hope you try expanding this further down the line with either more 'case files' or an outright sequel. It was a really fun read.

I've been waiting for a fic like this forever! Very well done! I love how you expanded the Roger Rabbit world--felt very natural and organic. And, of course, i love that Twilight herself hasn't really dealt with her own transformation. Nice touch!

Wouldn't say no to a sequel, if you're feeling up to it :pinkiehappy:

A lovely tribute to film and actor both, though it does feel a bit anticlimactic. That's the problem with mysteries; solve them too quickly and the payoff doesn't feel earned. Yes, not everything needs to be a Gordian knot of deception and intrigue, but the setup felt like it was gearing up for a lot more than what we got. Mentioning the Dip, the pivotal nature of the show, Hasbro's countless rivals, it all gave a sense of a much larger scope.

Of course, some of this is on me; I missed that the story was complete. Plus, to me, the idea feels severely underutilized when compared to its potential. Here's hoping you and others explore this territory further, possibly including myself among them.

Still, when I look at what I got rather than what I expected, I'm happy. Thank you for this.

Hazel: Twilight, we know they had to re-draw you and make you into an Alicorn, but that doesn't neccasarily mean you have to hide. You can be yourself when not at work.
Hester: Yeah, and apart from that, everypony loves you! Think about how they will react if you ran off! So, let's try this, you get to work and when you get some free time, make the most out of it so you will feel better. That way, you can have fun, and the fans don't get worried

Now it makes me wonder about the Toontown for Japan. Great story have an upvote and a fave!

Sigh. Dammit.

I already have too much ponyfic to read, but this is 4/4 of your stories that I've read and quite liked.

Have a follow. You write clever stories. :pinkiesmile:

I gotta say, WFRR is the one world I'm amazed never got another real movie, especially in this age of CGI animation.

And you come along and nail the crossover in under 4000 words and make it fit perfectly. Now I'm drooling at the thought of a 1980's-1990's era sequel movie.

Really well done. I just can't click the like button hard enough for this.

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