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Hi! I'm Hazel and this little one with me is my buddy Hester. We're just a duo of misfits trying to find ways to fit in.

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Happy Halloween! · 10:07am Oct 31st, 2017

Hello hello to everyone! This is Hester speaking, reporting live from the Philippines!

Halloween is here, and even our OCs are dressed up, as you can see from the profile. I'm Flowerfell Frisk and Hazel's Flowerfell Sans from the Undertale AU called Flowerfell. (Saddest AU ever, can't stop crying. Poor Sans) I thought it would suit us considering that time I was in that coma. Hazel was waiting for me int he same way that Sans was waiting for Frisk, only difference is I came back.

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I'm keeping watch because I also loved the musical! Keep it up!

Glad I’m not the only one who was dying to see a real ‘Count of Monte Cristo’ story on this site (which I can’t believe nobody has done before. Trust me, I checked 3 times whether it had been done before, so I decided to just do it myself.)

Hope you’ll stick with me as the story develops! :raritywink:

The abbreviation is You Can't Be Serious! This is a shelf of stories that were just what we were hoping for one day. And the name is like that because it's like we can't believe it's here! That means your story is one that's long waited for, and finally brought thanks to you

Thanks for adding A Story Told to one of your folders. I don’t really know what that abbreviation stands for, but I’m sure it implies you liked it, so yay! :yay:

  • Viewing 42 - 46 of 46
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