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Have a story wherein the pink pony is sad, heartbroken, grappling with existential angst, or just out of it? Put it here!

Self-promotion is actively encouraged.

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Hmm...I wonder what story I'll put in the main folder...
Ooh, I know! What My Dark Half Is Telling Me,that's what.:pinkiecrazy::heart::pinkiehappy:

Wow, a new depressed Pinkamena to join our Party .. :pinkiegasp:

354002 a Dozen is much better then merely 11 of us.

Poor Pinkie can't be allowed to be sad or depressed.
we need to cheer her up
what happen if she passes the first 'Party of one' alone and unnoticed?
would she turn into Pinkamena?

Appropriately enough, we're now a baker's dozen.

Poor pinkie.
at least, now we're an even Dozen to suport her.

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