I know that we all have stuff to dump out in blogs. And I know we tend to feel alone. This is a hub for posts to help you see you are NEVER alone.

Also, have a story about how you feel? Put it here so we can see.

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I can't add my story because there is no folder


I Love Love Love Tears of Snow!

331637 Snowdrop fanclub huh? Have you read Tears of Snow yet? I'm editing it for a friend. OMG soo good. The D'aww gets thick pretty quick, and is pretty well balanced with the other feelz. :raritywink:

331619 Yeah ive just been busy staring at the members in my other group cause it is at 99 over there at Snowdrop Fanclub. Plus im not on allot anymore. But i did post a banner.

331590 Whoa is this group alive again?

This is a venting group

So you are saying I can pour my heart out on this.very page. I won't unless I have permission.

Comment posted by Icudeadnow deleted Jul 13th, 2013

Is this a self help therapy group? I find the concept intriguing. Perhaps one could do story requests detailing a person's problems, and insert that person as an OC into the story. Then, through google docs or something, workout one on one which character from the mane six, or other canon, they can imagine being helped most by and writing out a therapeutic solution or event. Just an idea. :twilightsmile:

We need a banner. I tried this:
But that didn't work.

And two others. One I was POSITIVE was the correct size. I even checked.

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