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this group is dedicated to our high and mighty princess of the night were we dedicate our selves to serving her and obeying every will. We welcome artwork and fanfics about Luna or making Luna a main character those who have any ideas for Luna stories you are welcome to share it with us. Remember Luna is always with you no matter where you go. Have fun. Haven't figured out how to change the rules yet so let's try to keep it Luna based.

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404156 i know you said that 76 weeks ago but what does it mean?:duck:

379122 Und ich lead der Deutschland Wehrmacht.

385898 its a train this time?

385898 That's how it is with everyone

385897 never know what will happen with me.

Comment posted by Octascratch901 deleted May 13th, 2015

385895 I change on occasion. I might just do one of my OC's next year

385894 Well then I welcome back the ben Kenobi one

383801 I see the Grinch is gone

379068 I know he's the grinch but your avatar has got that rape face goin on

379122 just as long as we have our army

379067 I am still working on getting the army, howevery my friend command seargent major moondragon. She leads the thesteel army.

379067 my army will not fail.

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