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Umbral Era

Welcome to the Umbral Era, A Realm Reborn!


ALL HAIL Queen Umbra! Our STRONG Benevolent Ruler!

The Countdown of Shadowbrngers


About Me

I am Umbral Era, I focus on making Final Fantasy 14 (xiv) related MLP stories. In FFXIV is an MMORPG game where you can be whoever you want, of course, there is a storyline too. I wish to cover both aspects, the free-roaming and story as I create my own AU; as a homage to the FFXIV Videogame with MLP elements. Everything will be written with ANTHROS specifically!

This is also an alt account to Professor Genki, which on that profile I do, whatever I want, stories.

I hope you like FFXIV as much as I do, 'cause that's all I offer here.

Blog Posts

My 3 Main Story Protagonists

Princess Luna / Nightmare Moon

Princess Luna, the younger sister, even though she was reformed, the feeling of being in her sister's shadow never left her throughout all the years but she has learned to accept the role of 2nd best and live her life as Celestia's last bodyguard in case of emergency. She decided to go into the unknown Crystal Tower, despite her older sister's wish in order to stop a threat that could very well doom the entire universe.




Rarity / Nightmare Rarity

The unknown is dangerous and the Mane 6 could not tag along in case Equestria was attacked. Rarity volunteered to accompany Princess Luna into the unknown. Due to the fact that she felt like the weakest link of the team and this was her opportunity to get stronger so that Twilight would never have to carry the burdens of being the only powerful unicorn again. It was also because of her secret that the monster inside her still lingered and she hoped throughout her time with Luna she could be trained to suppress her darker side, Nightmare Rarity.




Former Queen Umbra

Former Queen Umbra, from another Equestria, ruled her kingdom with an iron fist. However, a powerful force has stripped her of her title and kingdom and now has been exiled, though not alone in her endeavors. She still has the subordinates who follow her and funds to still be considered one of the riches Kirins in Equestria. She is no longer seen as a political figure and spends most of her time as a Seasoned Adventurer and Mentor.




Anthro Body Reference I use and Height Headcannon

Art by: Ambris

Though, I prefer writing them with 4 or 5 fingers



Imagine the protag as Luna, it's a whole lot better!

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