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Equinox Starshifter

Hello, I am a fan of MLP:FiM and have decided to read here and enjoy all the many stories. I also have alot of plot ponies running in my head. Anyways I hope to share'em. All will be well.


Computer has been officially fixed · 5:53pm February 3rd

For those that were concerned about my last post, my computer has been fixed. I am back, my fic notes and such that were on the comp are fine, and I am back to writing.

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No problem, you had a very cute story Such as this one and its prequel that makes me look forward to other things as well as well as going back to see what else you have written.

Edit: Some of which I have already read technically.

Thanks a lot for the follow!

Oh yeah that would work, I had forgotten about that.

He's also bound by magic absorbing stone 2 in the changeling Hive thing Chrysalis has a magic absorption Stone throne thingy it absorbs all forms of magic except changeling magic and it also affects discord so yeah.

  • Viewing 25 - 29 of 29
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