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We are the followers of Princess Luna. We protect love and care for the Princess of the Night. Through blood and tears or life and death we shall stand by her. Her magnificence is projected throughout the land and shown by the art that hangs high above us even during our darkest nightmares or most pleasant dreams. We watch over her as she watches over us.

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I want to add my grain to the mistress of the night with my two stories. Thanks for having me.

Hello hello, everyone. Don't know TOO much about mlp, but for reasons unexplained I have an odd attraction to Luna. Attraction, not exactly meaning as it sounds. The princess herself, for some reason, appeals to me. No idea why. So, I thought this might be a group to check out, seeing as how the description seems to say more or less the same thing (leaning towards more). Anyway, glad to be here, hope we can get along, and hopefully learn more about Princess Luna, maybe figure out why I'm drawn to the idea of her.

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