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So if you have seen the season 5 animation at gala con or whatever con it was THEN THIS IS THE GROUP FOR YOU.( I literally turned into Animated James for second.) ok? Anyway this is a group to talk about your ideas for season 5

- lokimonster.

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Are you ever going to allow people to add stories to this group that revolve around a season 5 episode?

372061 I know but still spike " killed" her parents

372053 or maybe she'll find peewee ( the baby phoniex from that one episode.) and kill him

372050 Perhaps she'll open a portal. Or help Fluttershy summon Schmooze.

372046 probably through a time paradox

372044 The animatic was pretty good. I think Pinkie might get back at Spike eventually.

372040 k now I get it so what did you think of the animation personally I think it was a little to much when spike stepped on pinkies house. It was still funny but ya that's a little much for a kids show.

372037 No, I mean the animatic ponies seem a bit like communism or fascism or whatever. A bit like soviet russia. You understand?

371959 What? Dude I only speak German and english

Soviet Russia Ponies!

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