This group is for those who will be with My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic even after the show is 'done'. for those who just have to much of themselves in this to let it go. Those who might even try to keep the show going. Us Bronies who aren't going to let this die. I suppose this group will be more threads than anything, but stories about this subject, or even stories that seem like they would go well with the group are definitely admitted. I hope this group will get big. I mean hey, we might even find a way to get the show going for good. You never know. I just hope that whoever joins this group is as passionate about this as I am.

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I'm still here. MLP has changed my life. I got into this show of my own volition and I've followed along with the show since it had started. I got into the show in 2015. My only regret is that I wish I had got into the show at the start. I'm currently taking a break from writing fanfiction on this site, but I'll definitely start writing again at some point.

at least the gap was only 2 years this time

Yup, and I just watched a video detailing additional leaks for gen 5. :moustache:

I'm a big ole hypocrite for leaving the fandom for so long, but I'm back now and I'll get to work on this group for anyone still left in here.

Didn't expect to leave the fandom for 5 years and come back to this group having grown

The fandom itself isn't dead, but this group certainly is... At least, until the admin comes back on.

͡° ͜ʖ ͡° noice...

412592 Nah. Given that the creator of this group is inactive, we might have to move over there anyways. :derpytongue2:

Been a fan since I was 11 back in 2010, not leaving this fandom.

412591 Generation 5 will probably end up being in the same universe as Generation 4, but probably a sequel series with different characters. It would make sense given Generation 4's continued popularity.

Huh. I actually made my own group for this very purpose, called "The Bronies' Archive". (I might've gone a bit overboard with it too, considering it's got a full banner + icon, a group collab, and it's own website made using Tumblr...

412588 I did hear we will be getting a generation 5 of mlp whenever gen 4 ends, but I don't see it ending anytime soon, as long as Hasbro makes money they will keep making the show, its how all business companies works.

I don't think the fandom will die or anything like that once the show ends. Look at all the other shows that have maintained huge fanbases even though their shows wrapped up years or decades ago, they're still going strong.

I love the show, but to me it's only a small part of everything that's out there to experience. I know I won't be losing any interest when the TV portion of this fandom ends.

Hey, I'm already working to keep the Mega Man fandom alive. I support this completely.

412296 I'm still here.

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