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It’s 2022, and my brain is still spiraling.

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Important message to my friends and followers · 5:07am Mar 6th, 2021

I have added a module (finally) on my user page, consisting of my DeviantArt, YouTube, and Discord. If you haven't yet, please go and check them out (mainly my Discord, because the server is dying, I'm losing people, and I want to keep it alive. Just a heads up, it's not meant to be a MLP server, but I haven't promoted it yet anywhere else).

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About me...

Hi. I'm ScorchingFlamesInc, but some of you know me as Leo. Up to half of you recognize me for being the creator of The Dawn of a New Mission, along with other works such as Help! I've Turned Into a Princess.

Here are a couple of details about me... I have a type of autism known as Aspergers, so I am different from many of you. I am, what I call, a work-in-progress Christian, where I believe in God and prayed for forgiveness, but I have a long way to go to learn the whole story, along with the fact that my mind can sometimes go to dark places (and I do swear... hopefully that fades). Plus, I share an interest in horror movies and horror games.

For those of you visiting this page, feel free to check out my work, blogs, or just stick around in general.

God bless you all and have a good day.


Human Sephtis (Art Request) · 2:16pm Yesterday

Made by A Artist on Discord.

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That’s nice. Glad you liked it 👍

Just watched the movie last night. It was pretty awesome and hilarious to be honest, and it is a lot more entertaining than the first movie was. I had a lot of fun with it. :twilightsmile:

Cool. I'm guessing No Way Home is convincing you to check it out? Heh. That movie is really giving you a boost.

(I only brought it up to pique your interest, lol.)

Yeah, I know he and Joker had some history together before which is pretty cool. (Not sure why you brought it up but whatever).

Anyway, I’ll definitely give it a watch after thinking about it.

  • Viewing 487 - 491 of 491
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