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Gem Productions

We are the company that makes everything. If a product exists, we made it. we started small, but now we are big. Our mission: to bring to pass the ideal timeline for all universes.

The Staff

G.E.M: The enigmatic C.E.O of Gem Productions. Interests: Unknown. Hobbies: Unknown. Stats: Godly, no numbers available. Motives: Unknown. Notes: No-one knows anything about them but themselves.

D30: The eccentric main writer of Geeks Of The Round Table. Interests: Every fandom ever. Hobbies: Writing, video games, memes. Stats: None of your Beeswax. Motives: To marry Monika from DDLC, To always have a good time. Notes: Is a good writer, if he could focus on anything but fandom.

Sword: The logical co-writer of Geeks Of The Round Table. Interests: Gaming, Writing, Photography. Stats: Strength +3, Intelligence +6, Wisdom +4, Constitution +7, Charisma +5. Motives: It depends. Notes: A huge fan of Metroid, Zelda, Ace Attorney, and Sonic

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  • 71 weeks

    D30: So... after a few months of brain break, I have returned!

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  • 80 weeks
    I'm taking a break

    From: D30: Hey guys! I'm going to be on a computer free vacation until school starts stay following and await my glorious return!

    As always, staaaaaay fresh!


    End of Line

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  • 85 weeks

    GemPro Message
    To: the general public
    From: D30

    Message Start

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I'M BACK B*TCHES!!! · 5:25pm Sep 3rd, 2019

D30: So... after a few months of brain break, I have returned!

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Make sure to read Geeks of the Round Table: the Dark Invasion and tell me your thoughts.

Thanks for the watch.

D30: LOL i just barely figured out that this is the comments page! :facehoof::rainbowlaugh:

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